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9 Effective Tips To Safeguard Your Jewelry

by Adil Husnain
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Often considered a prized possession, jewellery is not only for its monetary value but also for its sentimental significance. Whether it is a family heirloom, an engagement ring, or a special piece gifted by a loved one, these shiny things carry a lot of emotional weight and also bring back old memories. That is why it is very important to safeguard these treasures and protect them from theft, damage, or loss.

This is also true when you have personalized jewellery pieces, which have an added emotional value, because you designed them, so they need that extra bit of protection.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best tips for safeguarding your jewellery.

Invest in a security system

This first one might be a little obvious, but protecting your home with alarms, motion detectors, or closed-circuit cameras can greatly minimize your chances of falling victim to property theft. Many packages and equipment models have remote surveillance features, as well as options to notify law enforcement if there is any suspicious activity. After all, you never know what can happen when you aren’t home.

Invest in a good quality safe

A proper, heavy safe is the best and easiest way to protect your jewellery from theft. There are many different types of strong safes available on the market, from small portable ones to large, heavy-duty ones. You need to choose a safe which is most suitable for your requirement and meets our budget. Keep in mind to consider the size and type of jewellery you want to store, as well as the location of the safe. A good safe should be bolted to the floor or wall to prevent it from being easily removed.

Keep it hidden

It is best to keep the safe hidden in a safe spot even if you have a good-quality safe. A visible safe will attract a lot of unwanted attention for obvious reasons. It’d be wise to keep your safe hidden in a safe place, whether it may be under a closet, behind a painting, or thinking of something in your mind. Don’t be fool enough to keep them safe in your bedroom, it will be the first place a burglar would go to steal your precious jewellery.

Ensure your jewellery

A good safe may protect your precious jewellery, but it won’t protect it from loss or taking damage. That is why it is highly recommended to ensure your jewellery. The insurance policies will cover up if anything goes bad and it also provides mental peace and ensures financial payback. First, ensure you understand the coverage and any exclusions if there are before choosing an insurance policy. Consider adding a rider to your existing homeowner’s insurance policy or taking out a separate policy specifically for your jewellery.

Store it separately

Consider storing all of your jewellery in different locations of your home if you have a large collection of them. It will minimize the risk of losing everything if events such as theft or disaster occur. You could store some pieces in a safe at home, others in a bank safety deposit box, and still others at a trusted family member’s home.

Use a jewellery box

A jewellery box is an excellent way to keep your jewellery organized and protected from taking any sort of scratches and damage. Buy a jewellery box with a soft lining to prevent scratching and consider one with a lock for extra security. Consider investing in a special jewellery armoire, which can provide even more storage space and protection if you have a large collection of jewellery. 

Be cautious when traveling

It is very important to stay cautious with your jewellery when you are traveling. Don’t be a fool and pack your valuable jewellery in checked luggage, as it may get lost or stolen. Always keep your jewellery with you in a carry bag, and make sure it is properly secured there. Stop presenting yourself as a target and avoid wearing expensive jewellery in public places.

Clean and maintain your jewellery

Regular cleaning and maintenance can help extend the life of your jewellery. Keep your jewellery clean by wiping it with a soft cloth after each use. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as this can damage the metal or stones. Have your jewellery professionally cleaned and inspected periodically to ensure it’s in good condition.

Stay home during repairs and other services

You might be thinking it’s not always the most convenient option, but try to stay at home when repairs and other important housework are ongoing. Someone won’t try to sneak in where they shouldn’t be if you are present in the house. You also benefit from the added peace of mind, since you won’t be stressing about anything happening to your jewellery while you’re away. This may not be a possibility if you need a babysitter or fumigator, but you can protect yourself in many other situations that require someone to enter your home.

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