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Are you tired of dealing with joint pain? Here’s what you can do!

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dealing with joint pain

Joint pain is one of the leading ailments in people today. More than 350 million people globally suffer from arthritis and similar diseases.

However, many remedies available today can help you lessen the pain while walking or standing. So come, let’s see what they are!

1. Exercise regularly

Exercising is one of the best ways to relieve any pain in your body, especially joint pain.

This is because some specific forms of exercise help strengthen the muscles supporting specific joints. In turn, it triggers the production of hormones named endorphins that lessen joint pain.

However, the type of exercise you’ll do depends on your age, body weight, and lifestyle. If you don’t have access to a gym membership, you can try out walking, jogging, pool exercises, or even tai chi.

But avoid exercises like biking as they are considered to be strenuous on the joints.

2. Do physiotherapy

Many people find that physiotherapy helps them get rid of joint pain, either permanently or at least for very long periods.

A physiotherapist will help you stretch your muscles and different body parts so that you feel more fit and active.

If you’re looking for a good physiotherapy center, Darlinghurst Physio is one of the best places.

They have different forms of exercises meant to relieve soreness due to sports or during pregnancy, and even specialized physiotherapy schedules for women’s health.

3. Try at-home treatments

Very often, mild joint pain can be treated using simple at-home treatments, such as applying a heating pad or an ice pack to the painful area.

Drugstores typically have gel-filled pads that can be heated in the microwave or hot water bottles.

You can also find heat wraps like Thermacare, which provides low-level heat for long periods of time and also lets you work normally. Apply this several times a day until your joint starts to feel better.

Alternatively, soaking yourself in a bathtub filled with warm water has also proven to give comfort. 

4. Eat fiber-rich foods

Research has shown that people who take high-fiber food items like green vegetables suffer much less from joint pains.

This happens because the fiber produces short-chain fatty acids, which give rise to a good number of healthy microorganisms in your gut.

These microbes are specialized to balance your body muscles and reduce any kind of inflammation in your joints.

An imbalance in these microbes can cause a condition called gut dysbiosis. This condition leads to inflammation in your joints which, when left untreated, can result in full-blown arthritis or spondylitis.

5. Get treatments done

Many patients feel that non-medicinal remedies seem to have little or no effect on their joint pain. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or anti-inflammatory drug products like Ibuprofen can be useful in these cases.

While these medicines are over-the-counter, larger doses require you to produce a doctor’s prescription.

Moreover, always be sure to check with your doctor at Texas Joint Institute if you are suffering from kidney or liver problems are advised not to take such drugs. For them, topical treatments like ointments or gels are available.

6. Cultivate social relationships

Even though this sounds strange, having a network of people similar to you will help you to stay stronger mentally and make you forget about your joint pain.

In fact, people who go out and socialize more have said that their joint aches don’t interfere with their daily schedule too much.

If you don’t know how to expand your social network, you can always start by volunteering at your local charity or church group.

Alternatively, you can also attend sessions at a support therapy for people who suffer from chronic joint problems. If you’re not able to go outside, try online group sessions.

7. Experiment with acupuncture

Along with physiotherapy, acupuncture has been proven to provide a lot of benefits to arthritic patients.

Even though the exact advantages of acupuncture haven’t yet been completely understood, this ancient Chinese therapy has healed many people worldwide.

People suffering from knee and hip arthritis, neck pain, or sciatica-related back pain are asked to try out acupuncture techniques.

A number of countries require acupuncturists to be licensed practitioners after passing some exams. So make sure you seek treatment from someone who knows this therapy’s art.

Over to you…

Even though joint pain can interfere with your lifestyle, these tips will ensure you get a bit of relief, at least for the time being. If your pain is more serious than usual, immediately visit a physician.

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