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11 Proven Advantages of Developing a Website on the WordPress Platform

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Last modified on November 17th, 2022 at 7:15 pm

11 Proven Advantages of Developing a Website on the WordPress Platform

So, you’re considering launching a new website to promote your company. However, are you prepared to invest in developing a site from scratch? To begin, it is critical to understand that if you are running an e-commerce company or a service-based website, building a website from scratch takes significant time and financial investment. However, with WordPress, a common CMS (Content Management System), there is no need to spend additional money on creating a site from scratch . if you are looking for a reputed and professional   website development company India  than contact than Web Development India team via email or phone and we’ll be happy to assist you.

According to this report, WordPress powers 32% of the internet and currently hosts more than 19.5 million websites. Some of the world’s most popular websites are powered by WordPress. This includes publications such as USA Today, CNN,, and the National Post. To be more specific, 17 posts are published on WordPress sites every second, making it the most common content management system.There are many best WordPress development company India that can help you to develop custom web applications on  PHP CMS.

Businesses are classified into two categories:

  • One who does not have a website and lacks the budget to invest in one
  • They have a website but are not actively promoting their company. This is because they are not using the appropriate promotional resources.

This is where WordPress comes into play, increasing the market for the right WordPress production business. A reputable company that provides WordPress Development services operates on all aspects of site development, assisting businesses in reaching out to their target audience. Additionally, by combining the appropriate resources with proper content creation planning, you can strike a balance between cost and promotion. Due to the low cost of WordPress web hosting, small business owners can handle it effectively.

Now, let us examine 11 such advantages that business owners can obtain from creating a website on WordPress:

  • 1. A Vibrant Business Environment

The platform features thousands of premium and free themes and plugins that can be customised to suit your business’s product or service. When customers and tourists come to your site, the first thing they note is the design. If your website does not do this, you risk losing future customers. Thus, companies can gain an advantage over it by choosing from the vibrant market of themes and plugins.

  • 2. It’s Easier to Customize

Personalized WordPress Development services benefit from the platform’s ease of customization. All is manageable, from the concept to the backend, if the theme is a paid edition. Whether it’s for SEO, content management, or ad placement, WordPress enables simple customization for its users, which improves the website’s rating.

  • 3. Appropriate use of SEO

WordPress is SEO-friendly and comes with well-coded themes that assist in the creation of a search engine-friendly website. For example, there are numerous WordPress SEO Plugins that enable you to optimise content both manually and automatically. Additionally, resources are available to assist in the addition of rich excerpts, which further enhance the search engine listing. Simply put, WordPress allows developers to build an SEO-friendly website, which can help improve the site’s ranking.

  • 4. Integrated Blog Capability

WordPress blogs are very popular and easy to use and share. Businesses that use WordPress will include a blog section to advertise their current and new services. If the business has its own content marketing team, then producing keyword-rich content and publishing it on the company’s blog would assist in increasing the target audience.

  • 5. Development That Is User-Friendly

WordPress’s components are developer friendly due to their genetic coding themes, user-friendly plugins, and easy-to-maintain features. Any reputable WordPress software company will employ expert developers who are capable of managing WordPress sites efficiently.

  • 6. Dependable in Use

Multiple individuals may run a WordPress platform concurrently, led by expert coders who ensure the site’s smooth operation. This enables the website to operate without error and should be quick enough to aid in rapid browsing. WordPress-powered websites are extremely dependable, which makes the platform both business and user-friendly.

  • 7. The Safest Platform

Numerous instances of website information being compromised, resulting in colossal damage to the company. For example, an e-commerce site with millions of customers and their data may be hacked, resulting in data loss and loss of consumer confidence. Since WordPress is the most commonly used content management system (CMS), coders and WordPress production services work diligently to ensure that no site is stolen. Web developers can prevent a WordPress website from being compromised by using modern techniques and software.

  • 8. Compatibility with mobile devices

This is the most important advantage that any company can obtain from running a WordPress-based website. According to estimates, the global population using mobile devices reached 3.7 billion in January 2018. Additionally, there has been a 51.2 percent growth in the use of mobile web browsing. Today, an increasing number of smartphone users search and shop using mobile internet. Since WordPress sites are mobile-friendly, companies may profit from increased traffic. There are hundreds of mobile-friendly themes and plugins for WordPress that assist in the development of responsive websites.

  • 9. Contributes to teamwork

A business-focused WordPress website needs a coding and support staff. This will assist in managing the site from all angles. The strongest feature of WordPress is that it enables users to function on the website concurrently with various permissions. Additionally, they can support a variety of plugins that help keep things organised and simple to use. With a well-organized platform, it’s simple to build and track content.

  • 10. Vast Developer Community

Since WordPress is the most common content management system (CMS), there is a sizable group of developers and designers dedicated to the smooth operation of WordPress pages. Businesses can employ WordPress developers from all over the world to run their platform if it becomes inaccessible due to hacking or backend problems. If the company’s budget is realistic, recruiting an in-house development team is also a choice.

  • 11. The Scalability Advantage of WordPress

Many companies that create websites on WordPress believe they must invest in a more experienced team. However, the good news is that WordPress evolves in lockstep with the businesses that use it. If a business is new or existing, WordPress has a wider scope and powers approximately 23 billion pages across millions of websites.

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