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Holiday Gift Guide for the New EV Car Owner

by MoralStory Editorial Team
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Holiday Gift Guide

So you have a friend or family member who’s purchased their first electric vehicle. The great news is that their vehicle purchase makes it easier than ever for you to come up with holiday gift ideas. Any gift that helps them enjoy their new EV is probably going to go over very well. But if you don’t have an electric vehicle yourself, you may be wondering what types of EV gifts are even available. You’re in luck because this holiday gift guide will give you some excellent ideas for gifts to give any new EV car owner.

EV Charging Cables

An EV is just a fancy paperweight if it can’t be charged. Make sure the new EV car owner in your life is ready to get their investment out on the road with an EV battery charging cable. A charging cable makes it much easier to charge your vehicle both at home and at public charging stations.

You should look up charging cables based on the vehicle’s VIN number to make sure you get the right type. Be careful when selecting voltage as well, and make sure you purchase a cable with a voltage that’s supported by your friend’s home charging outlet. Even if your friend already has one EV battery charger, it’s always nice to have an extra in case the first one malfunctions.

Other Parts & Accessories

Beyond the necessities, there are a lot of fun parts and accessories you can gift to a new electric vehicle owner. Check online for an “AutoZone near me” to see what parts and accessories you can find in stock. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Custom wheels: These can be so much fun to give any EV owner in your life. Make sure you know the vehicle owner’s preferences in terms of wheel type so you can select between alloy, custom and forged.
  • Seat covers: Electric vehicle owners often tend to be very particular about how their vehicles look. That makes sense when you consider how much of an investment an EV is. To help your friend keep the interior of the vehicle clean and attractive, consider gifting cloth, velour or leather seat covers.
  • Roof racks: If you know the EV owner in your life wants to take road trips, why not give the practical gift of a roof rack? Before buying any roof rack, make sure it’s compatible with the vehicle’s make and model.
  • Floor mats: All-weather floor mats make a great gift for anyone who’s just purchased an electric vehicle.
  • Sun shades: Help the EV owner in your life stay comfortable in all weather conditions by gifting a quality sun shade.
  • Body Kits: Some electric vehicle owners like to alter the appearance of their vehicles with body kits. Before buying a body kit for the EV owner in your life, make sure it’s something they want.

These are just a few of the most thoughtful parts and accessories you can give to any EV owner this holiday season.

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