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General Contractors Turn to Professional Window Film Installers for Their Projects

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Last modified on March 25th, 2022 at 3:45 am

Commercial Window Shield
When general contractors bid on full building renovation projects, it has become increasingly common for them to include a window film installation company. There are several reasons for GCs including experienced window film installers companies on their project team. One of the best reasons is that if the double-pane windows ever become fogged, the film will mask that and help avoid expensive replacement costs. They include;
  • Increasingly solar control and security films are being included in the renovation spec to protect windows from shattering and to improve the building’s energy efficiency.
  • The types of window films have expanded and include a number of specialty films that are increasingly in demand. That includes decorative/privacy, smart, RF and anti-bird strike films.
  • The GCs like to establish a working relationship with specific window film installation companies to relieve themselves of any concerns that the window film installation process won’t be properly executed.
As with other sub-contractors who work with general contractors, commercial window film installation companies have to go through a vetting process, beginning with registration. Once they are the GC’s sub-contractors’ roster, then they are eligible for projects. Usually, the GC will ask their window film installation companies for a bids on a particular project. They might choose the low bidder or they might go with a higher bid if they like the window film installation company better than the one with the low bid. It’s not uncommon for the same window film installation company to be chosen by several GCs for the same project. In that case, the GCs are bidding against one another to win the project and the window film installation company has a good chance getting involved no matter who wins the bid as they might be included in all the GC bids. Or at least maybe they are included in two bids out of three or four, which still gives the window film installation company a great opportunity to be included in the overall project. Almost important for GCs to consider when establishing a relationship with a commercial window film installation company is that company’s ability to:
  • Work with other sub-contractors. This is critical as often the schedules of the various sub-contractor projects overlap and there needs to be a coordinated effort between the various groups.
  • Handle difficult projects as well as being innovative in their installation process.  Often in full build outs of large office buildings, the window film installation process can be complex. Special equipment such as scaffolding and power lifts often are needed. Not all window film installation companies have the ability to handle these complex aspects of a particular project..
Remember:  If you are a general contractor in need of a window film installation company to be part of your team, you’ll want to connect with an experienced installation company. The installation process can be complex and does require specific expertise. Commercial Window Shield is one of the country’s most experienced installers of every type of window film for nearly 40 years. The company has a longtime working relationship with some of the country’s top general contractors, including Davis Construction, HITT, Harvey-Cleary and Gilbane Construction Co., just to name a few.

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