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SQM Club – Saving the Environment For Future Generations

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Last modified on June 17th, 2023 at 8:55 pm

SQM Club

The SQM Club, formally known as the Squak Mountain Club, is an NGO that’s working day and night to do one and one thing only – save the environment for future generations.

Capitalism and industrialization have put our environment at significant risk; all they care about is money and power. As a society, we ought to defeat them and save the environment by preserving it and taking adequate steps.

SQM Club is a great example of a nonprofit organization. The group has thousands of members and volunteers across the country that’s launching awareness campaigns to ensure a cleaner tomorrow.

Founded by David Fish and William H. Bonney in 1954, SQM Club trains and assists individuals and corporations worldwide to develop cost-effective solutions to reduce carbon print.

In this article, we will cover everything there is to know about the SQM Club and write more about the long and short-term goals.

SQM Club – What are the Goals?

Nonprofit organizations that work on environmental issues often have a variety of goals and the SQM Club is no different. The nonprofit is working on a lot of environmental issues; the most prominent are described below.

Preserving the Air

The nonprofit is investing its time and resources to preserve the environment, especially the air, by taking measures to cut down CO2 emissions. To do so, the members and volunteers run awareness campaigns to inform the public about the hazards and polluted air.

Preserving the Air
Image Source: Pixabay

For industries, the SQM Club calculates the CO2 emitted and provides a cost-effective solution. Fortunately, many companies have taken the necessary steps to help contribute to a greener environment.

Clean Water for Everyone

Clean Water for Everyone
Image Source: iStock

With their tools to measure the environmental impact of a corporation, they come up with a plan to reduce the hazards. For example, keeping the water pure is one of their top priorities. To do so, they’ve trained thousands of people online and offline to spread awareness and provide effective solutions to factories near them.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Reducing the Carbon Footprint
Image Source: Just Energy

Elevating CO2 emission is a top concern for many countries due to excessive cars and an increasing number of industrial areas. SQM Club created an online emissions calculator and made it available to the public so that everyone can see how much carbon dioxide they are emitting and take the necessary steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

SQM Club and Its Rise to Mainstream NGOs Saving the Environment

As we mentioned earlier that the Squak Mountain Club started in 1954; back then, it was a small group of environmentalists that worked together to preserve the Squak Mountain located on the Issaquah Alps in Washington state.

SQM Club and Its Rise to Mainstream NGOs Saving the Environment
Image: Squawk Mountain (Wikipedia)

Fast forward to today, the so-called small group has now expanded and now working all over the world to preserve not only mountains but water and air as well. The SQM Club has now reduced emissions from thousands of acres of industrialized land. The NGO is so popular that their achievements influence other companies and even governments and make adequate policies to help preserve the environment.

SQM Club is Now Working Globally

After successfully establishing contacts in the United States, the SQM Club has now expanded its network all over the world. The once small group has now become a network of environmentalists connected and working toward one common goal – save the planet and save future generations.

The nonprofit organization now has offices in England, Australia, China, Europe, and the US. All the offices are open for everyone to visit and they also have training programs to help you or your company produce fewer carbon emissions.

The SQM Club Membership Programme

As the SQM Club has offices and members all over the world, the nonprofit organization has introduced a membership program for the people so that they can benefit from the club in the best ways possible. 

What are those benefits?

Exclusive Events

Every once in a while, the SQM community organized various events exclusively for members where they can share their knowledge and potential achievements. Some members also come up with brilliant ideas and strategies to save the environment in one way or another.

Training Programs

Even though the SQM Club offers training for non-members as well, the training programs designed for the members are state-of-the-art. They’ve hired the best researchers and trainers to come and teach the best practices to save the environment. Other than that, SQM offers training programs for industry professionals to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

Expand Your Network

Becoming an SQM member will open new doors of opportunity for you to make new friends and meet with like-minded people. As the nonprofit used to be small in the past, the reason why it has grown so rapidly is its network. The members share new ideas and suggest possible solutions to help save the environment.

Exclusive Discounts

If you’re an SQM Club member, get ready to enjoy some jaw-dropping discounts on selected products and services. The SQM Club hasn’t shared the official list of stores and services that provide discounts to its members. Still, we’ve seen some members make social media posts about getting surprisingly low prices on selected products all over the United States.

How Nonprofits Can Learn From SQM and Save the Planet

Nonprofits play an essential role in working to protect the environment and address the many challenges facing our planet. Some ways that nonprofits can contribute to saving the planet include: 

Advocacy and Policy Work

Nonprofits can advocate for stronger environmental protections and policies at the local, state, and national levels. This could involve lobbying elected officials, participating in rulemaking processes, and raising awareness about environmental issues. 

Education and Outreach

Nonprofits can educate the public about environmental issues and the importance of protecting the planet. This could include hosting educational events, developing educational materials, or working with schools and community organizations. 

Research and Monitoring

Nonprofits can research environmental issues and monitor the state of the environment to better understand the problems facing the planet and identify solutions. 

Community Engagement

Nonprofits can work with communities to identify local environmental problems and develop strategies to address them. This could involve working with local businesses, schools, and governments to implement programs that reduce pollution or protect natural resources. 

Restoration and Conservation

Nonprofits can also work to restore damaged ecosystems or protect natural areas that help to preserve the planet’s biodiversity and natural resources. This could involve planting trees or other vegetation, restoring wetlands or other natural habitats, or protecting forests and other natural areas from development or other activities that could harm the environment.

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