children story in English Once upon a time a family of doves lived… on a beautiful bug banyan tree In the meadow. Every day, the older birds left the nest to look for food. Little ones stayed on the tree. Even’ after a long time the mother birds did not return with food. The young doves were very hungry. Suddenly one of the doves looked down and saw a pile of grains scattered on the ground.

The happy young dove informed this to all the other young doves They rushed to the place where the grains got scatter

While flying they were very happy. They thought there s enough food for all of them to eat They thought that they need not have to wait for their parents to bring food.

But In that group, there was one wise young dove. He cautioned the other doves not to go there. It must be the work of a hunter only. He asked everyone to wait, till their parents returned.

little children story in English

But the other cloves did not listen to his words. They all flew down to peck at the grain. The wise dove did not join the others each one ate as much as they could. After. eating they tried to fly away.

Alas! only then they realized that their legs had been caught in the net. They could not fly up. But they could beat their wings. All of them’ were afraid that they would .all be caught by the hunter and be eaten.

The scared young doves pulled the net this way and that They twisted and turned. But they could not fly

They all cried very loudly and asked the Young dove who cautioned them to inform their parents about their misery

The young wise clove flew away and’ ‘ fOrmed their head The older ones came to the place where the young doves were trapped in the net. The older dove was very wise and he decided to save the young doves from this tragic

He said, Hold the net strongly. I will count one-two-and three. When I say three everyone must fly together.

The young doves obeyed his instruction and flew towards the mountain hill. Get down here. I will call one of my old friends, the king of the rats to help you. Be quiet. Don’t make any noise, he said.

children story in English for kids

The chief dove went down near the rat s hole and gave a call, friends! please come out and help us

Recognizing the voice of his old friend, the king of rats rushed out. Seeing other doves in the net he understood the trouble immediately.

The king rat called all his subjects to help the doves. The rats cut the net and saved the young doves.

The old dove told the young and hasty doves, listen to children! If we are all together Lots of goodwill comes to us…

moral of the story: Let us be together. lots of good come by living together

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