Home Technology Are you bored with the typical methodology of practicing coding questions to sharpen your coding skills? Here’s a fun way to learn to code in 2023 while building solutions for real-world problems

Are you bored with the typical methodology of practicing coding questions to sharpen your coding skills? Here’s a fun way to learn to code in 2023 while building solutions for real-world problems

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fun way to learn to code in 2023 while building solutions for real-world problems

Numerous factors have contributed to the rise in popularity of programming as a career choice among college students in recent years. First and foremost, programming is at the forefront of this technological revolution, which has made technology pervasive in our daily lives. As a result, skilled programmers are in high demand across a variety of sectors, including software development, finance, healthcare, and e-commerce. In addition, the expansion of the digital economy has given programmers a wide range of employment options, including remote work and freelancing opportunities.

For college students looking for a career path that offers stability and flexibility, programming is an appealing choice due to its flexibility as well as the potential for high salaries and career growth. Programming is also a creative and intellectually demanding profession that rewards people who are eager to learn and adapt to new technologies. For those who are enthusiastic about technology and computer science, it provides opportunities for innovation, problem-solving, and collaboration, making it a fulfilling and exciting career option.

But as interesting as the career seems as a software developer, the traditional methodology of learning by practicing problems on coding platforms gets boring for a few people. It is not that you can just blame the classical approach and just move on, but it becomes crucial to note that this classical approach to learning may not be exciting for everyone and that few of these youngsters actually love curating solutions that go on to solve real-world problems. So, in this particular article, we are going to tell you a fun and engaging way by which you can learn to code while building real-world solutions.

Why does the traditional way of learning to code get boring for people?

Before coming to a solution to the problem, it is very important to analyze the problem in great detail. Therefore, let’s first try and figure out what is wrong with the traditional method of learning programming.

Due to its lack of real-world applications, the conventional approach to learning to code, which involves visiting numerous coding websites, can eventually grow boring and repetitive. Many coding websites offer beginners simple tutorials and exercises, but these can get boring and fail to keep the learner’s interest. This is due to the possibility that students won’t recognize how applicable these exercises are to practical situations.

Building practical applications, however, can assist students in overcoming this obstacle by giving them a sense of direction and a definite objective. Because they can see how the skills they are learning can be applied to solve real-world problems, students are more likely to stay motivated and engaged when they work on developing real-world applications.

Real-world applications also provide learners with an opportunity to practice problem-solving skills, as they encounter real-life challenges that require creative solutions. This can assist students in honing their analytical and critical thinking abilities, which are crucial for programming.

Therefore let us hop on to our exciting solution and tell you about an online hackathon, and how it can fuel you to learn to program even faster and in a better way.

What are online Hackathons and how can they be a double-plus methodology for learning programming?

Hackathons are cooperative coding events where teams and individuals collaborate to create software solutions for particular problems or challenges in a condensed amount of time. These occasions can involve participants from various backgrounds, such as students, developers, and business owners, and can last anywhere from a few hours (usually 24-48 hrs) to several days. Additionally, by encouraging participants to think creatively and develop original solutions to problems, hackathons can promote creativity and innovation. This can be a welcome change from the repetitive nature of traditional website coding exercises and can aid people in maintaining motivation and interest in their studies.

Hackathons also offer networking and collaboration opportunities, which is a plus. Working with people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets can help participants’ perspectives and expose them to fresh concepts. Additionally, it can be a great chance for people to network with potential employers or partners. Hackathons give participants the chance to market their abilities and expand their portfolios. In order to improve their skills and get ready for potential job opportunities, participants can present their projects to judges and get feedback on their work.

We call hackathons a double-plus for the reason that by preparing a good software solution to solve a modern-world problem, you can attract entrepreneurs and get your seeding from the same event, or if you are looking for a job opportunity, you can attract talent acquisition experts from various companies who attend these hackathons and rate your projects based on several hackathon judging criteria.

If things go right you can bag a crazy amount of cash prizes and rewards for your project, and showcase them as your achievements during an interview. Remember, recruiters always prefer people who have a more hands-on approach to solving problems than the ones who just are sound with their theoretical knowledge, at least in the IT industry.

Hackathons are a great way for you from the perspective of a recruiter as well, to expand your team and hire gems who are sound with their unique approach to solving real-world problems. This can not only help you to save cost and time to go to multiple colleges and conduct multiple hiring challenges to onboard the most deserving sets of candidates out there.

Mercer | Mettl helps you to conduct hackathons in a virtual space. Mercer | Mettl helps you create a seamless and personalized event page through which multiple candidates can register themselves for the online hackathon. You additionally get the benefit of the large network of Mercer | Mettl newsletters to spread awareness about your event and get good numbers of footfalls. Mercer | Mettl focuses on automating most parts of the hackathons like curating a leaderboard that follows points of teams in real-time and thus helps you with the least manual involvement throughout the event.

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