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First step to Writing An Essay: main tips for Beginner’s

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First step to Writing An Essay

It is well-known that many students struggle with writing college essays because they face unexpected writing difficulties. Essay topics are usually vague and do not provide specific instructions to the writer. While it is believed that this allows for more creativity, it would be more advantageous if they were given more specific guidelines to follow.

The purpose of the essay is to assess the student’s skill in presenting a compelling argument or thesis statement concisely, usually within a word limit of 250-500 words. This task can be challenging as students may have difficulty summarizing complex concepts effectively and may end up including unnecessary information. It’s good that in the modern world, there are such platforms as™, which are ready to provide high-quality essays within the specified time frame. But as a beginner, you should understand the basic steps to writing an essay, which will allow you to answer any questions from the lecturer.

If they could provide more detailed information about a specific aspect of their chosen topic or share personal examples, it would strengthen their argument instead of weaken it.

Additional difficulties may arise when trying to formulate your ideas or follow instructions. Students may also find it difficult to make their essays sound authentic, just like they would in a conversation. This can be especially problematic when discussing very personal topics that do not come naturally to them.

These problems exist because students must venture beyond their familiar territory when it comes to writing – and this is why earning a college degree is so important. If essays were effortlessly accessible to anyone who simply understood the subject matter, then what would be the purpose?

The main purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to analyze a topic critically and effectively and communicate their thoughts.

This essay writing guide will provide you with all the information you need to write an exceptional essay, from identifying an appropriate topic to constructive criticism. The following important aspects will be carefully examined:

1. Brainstorming College Essay Topic

To write a great essay, the first step is choosing a topic. If you fail to choose a specific area, your essay may become too general and difficult to adequately discuss in a limited space. A helpful approach is to start by generating ideas related to your current interests or problems.

This will give you a base of content to focus on when refining ideas in the future. You can also do more research if there are specific aspects you want to explore. However, keep in mind that the goal is not to simply repeat what others say. Instead, try to discover a particular point of view on the subject and express it clearly and convincingly.

2. Outlining Your College Essay

When you start writing, you may want to think about creating an outline to help you organize your thoughts. This will ensure that your ideas develop cohesively and logically, which will ultimately strengthen your overall argument.

In addition, he can indicate which aspects require further development and which are best left unattended. An outline serves the primary purpose of giving your essay a clear course and purpose, allowing you to remain focused throughout the entire paper.

3. Writing Your College Essay

This indicates that one’s vocabulary should mirror their everyday speech rather than formal or academic writing. However, it does not imply that one cannot utilize more advanced language when necessary, as colleges are environments for intellectual growth.

A college essay should be written in the student’s unique style, reflecting his or her thoughts and ideas rather than imitating the voice of the teacher or professor who assigned the assignment. It should sound natural and conversational, rather than taking on a formal and scientific tone.

4. Editing and Polishing the Essay

When editing, a common mistake among students is to solely concentrate on correcting grammar errors and misspelled words. It is crucial to not overlook other aspects that may impede your progress in reaching your maximum potential as a writer.

5. Proofreading

Proofreading is the final stage of the writing process, and it is very important not to lose sight of it. It is advisable to go through the essay in reverse order, evaluating each sentence separately. This method is more effective at identifying errors compared to reading the entire document from start to finish. By doing this, you will be able to detect and correct any possible errors before submitting or presenting your work.


Creating well-written college essays should not be considered a burdensome task. By approaching a task with a pleasant attitude, people can avoid common mistakes such as losing concentration or spending too much time on one element of an essay instead of looking at it as a whole.

The essay allows colleges to get a deeper understanding of who you are, and you should approach it with that in mind.

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