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Why do you need to opt for the PTE Exam over other English Tests?

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Pearson Test of English (PTE) is the choice of every student and migrant over the years.

But, why?!

This exam, i.e., PTE Academic was evolved to offer educational institutions a rising level of assurance around an aspirant’s English capabilities. Are you willing to study overseas?

Endless English proficiency exams are there for the student’s sake! There are renowned exams like GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS, which are also broadly accepted by foreign universities. Thus, the never-ending battle between these exams leaves students baffled when picking one over another!

Choosing TOEFL or IELTS, or PTE is a severe conundrum for the applicants. But, it’s pretty straightforward to say that you must opt for the PTE test when you try to move abroad. Online PTE Coaching options are more accessible than the ones available for any other English proficiency test.

Let’s check out the possible reasons for choosing the PTE exam over other well-known English tests.

PTE Exam: Overview

Pearson Inc. launched PTE in 2009 as a measure of students’ English proficiencies. The exam has been achieving immense eminence quite rapidly by world-class universities. Moreover, New Zealand and Australian Governments accredited the PTE test for VISA purposes.

PTE Academic harnesses the power of AI to evaluate the English capability of the candidates against a sample of enormous responses. So, the assessment is done via a computer-based algorithm. As mentioned earlier, the PTE Academic test is largely accredited, and numerous academic programs worldwide have immense faith in it.

A brief tabular overview of PTE vs. IELTS vs. TOEFL are shown below:

PTE vs. IELT vs. TOEFL: OverviewPTE Academic IELTS AcademicTOEFL iBT
Official Website
OrganizationPearsonBritish Council IndiaEducational Testing Service
Duration of the Exam154-191 mins161-164 mins200-250 mins
Exam FormatComputer-based examPaper-based or, Computer-based exam; and face-to-face speaking testInternet-based exam
SectionsSpeaking & WritingReadingListeningListeningReadingWritingSpeakingReadingListeningSpeakingWriting
Fee$170 + 15% bank charge and tax$245-255 $180

Why should you choose PTE over other prominent English Tests?

The PTE exam analyzes the English capability and knowledge of non-native English speakers in two forms named PTE General and PTE Academic. You must choose this English test over others, because:

  1. Unbiased Scoring
    PTE assesses your ability by providing unbiased scoring. It implies that your speaking proficiency will be graded by artificial intelligence against numerous previous responses when you take this exam. Therefore, impartial scoring showcases nothing but a superior grading criterion of what you say.
  2. Limitless acceptance for migration and study applications
    Various academic programs are nowadays accepting PTE academic tests throughout the world. If you want to move to New Zealand, UK, or even Australia, you can easily migrate after clearing the PTE test. So, it is sanctioned for getting migration applications and student VISAs.
  3. Flexible exam and quick results
    With the advent of market-leading technology, PTE becomes hassle-free for all examiners. PTE believes in fair examination with precise results. The leading objective of such evaluation is to understand a test taker’s proficiency accurately.

    Due to such impressive technology, PTE got the appellation of the most detailed and precise exam globally. Apart from benefiting the examinees, it offers all the examiners supreme flexibility. Therefore, test taker results are usually taken 48 hours only for publishing. Moreover, the PTE test provides a global testing facility in over 350 centers in more than 70 countries.
  4. Send the PTE score countless times for free of cost
    PTE exam takes pride in offering all the examiners the freedom to send the obtained marks to various organizations. Moreover, such an impressive facility doesn’t cost you any additional charges. Such extraordinary independence provides massive scope to acquire your dreams.

The best advantages of PTE Academic

  • No physical examiner is present throughout the exam as it is totally automated.
  • Candidates can achieve rapid results within one or two days.
  • The PTE Writing test is pretty effortless as you have to write only one long-form response.


The PTE exam is a comparatively straightforward and hassle-free exam compared to other English tests. It makes the test more accessible for a candidate to achieve their dreams of studying abroad. A lot of practice and perseverance can fetch success as the test format is quite challenging yet obtainable. To stay updated, take the help of PTE full-length mock tests or recent practice papers.

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