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Elderly Foot Care Tips: How to Cut Thick Toenails

by Abdus Subhan
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Unfortunately, at some point in time, lots of people start asking themselves such questions as ‘Why do toenails get thick with age?’ and ‘What can I do to address this problem?’ If you or your close one is currently having such a problem as thickened toenails, there’s a good chance that trimming them has become an ordeal for you. 

In today’s post, we’ll talk specifically about nail plate thickness in elderly people and tricks that can help cut such problematic nails safely.      

Why Do Toenails Thicken with Age? 

As we age, we tend to experience more health issues. And nail problems are no exception. Gradually, our nail roots stop functioning properly and renewal processes slow down. This problem can be aggravated by poor blood circulation, which leads blood vessels found in our extremities to narrow and fail to supply nails with enough nutrients. 

So, why do toenails thicken with age? Well, as a result of the aforementioned processes, nail cells begin to pile up and become thicker and hard to trim. Other common reasons include nail injuries, ill-fitting footwear, and strenuous exercises. Chronic diseases such as diabetes or psoriasis might also be responsible for toenail thickening. 

Toenail Cutting For Elderly 

Cutting toenails can become a challenge for elderly people for a number of reasons. Apart from having difficulty bending and taking hold of nail tools, seniors might find it hard to trim the nails that became too thick. Therefore, it’s critical for a safe elderly pedicure that you utilize the right tools. 

The best toenail scissors for seniors are those you would normally use for your pedicure. It also would be a good idea to use the toenail nippers you use for ingrown nails. Such tools are usually made from durable steel and can handle more challenging cutting tasks. That said, you need to take necessary precautions not to hurt the surrounding skin accidentally. You should be especially careful if you or your relative is suffering from diabetes. Should you experience leg numbness, have burning sensations in your limbs, or have poor circulation, you would be well-advised to consult with your doctor for more nail-trimming tips.

Once you avail yourself of a pair of durable and reliable toenail scissors for elderly, your next step will be to make the pedicure session as comfortable and safe as possible. 

1. Get Prepared

Most professionals agree that it’s best to trim your toenails when they are dry. Still, this is not the case when you have really thick and difficult-to-trim toenails. So, you definitely want to soften them in lukewarm water for 7-10 minutes. Make sure not to go overboard with soaking as your nail may get too soft and brittle, which is also fraught with unwanted consequences. 

After you soften your nails, dry your feet thoroughly.     

2. Start Small 

Not to splint your toenails, clip them bit by bit. You want to start at the corners and cut one small bit after another carefully. Apply the standard toenail-cutting technique and don’t round the corners. Cutting straight across will prevent your nails from becoming ingrown in the future. 

3. File Gently 

The best toenail scissors should work in tandem with the best toenail file to ensure the best possible result. Once you’re done with your pedicure, smooth the jagged or sharp edges with the right file. You need to file and buff your toenails not only for aesthetic but also for safety purposes as they may catch on socks and split.  

Final Words 

Thickening of toenails comes with age. But don’t let this problem affect your quality of life. Hopefully, today’s tips will help you trim your thickened toenails safely and look for your feet like a pro.

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