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How to Track Your Pet’s Location and Behavior Using Technology

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How to Track Your Pet’s Location

There are instances that dogs get lost because they were stolen by irresponsible persons. Pet owners must be careful enough about the environment of their dogs. The possibility of losing your dog may increase with the absence of the collar tracker in it.  Therefore, some are using the best electric dog fence to avoid the loss of dogs.

Searching for pets by asking the people within your environment and posting announcements will take a lot of time and effort and sometimes the pet is not necessarily found right away. In connection, an application for pet tracking is helpful for pet owners to monitor the whereabouts of their pets. This is why technology is beneficial, one of which is by using a tracking device that utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Technology plays a vital role in tracking lost dogs. With the use of a collar tracking device and application, you can locate the dogs’ whereabouts. By having collar tracking that works with the Global Positioning System (GPS), the lost dog can be easily found. These pet trackers are primarily designed to help the owners monitor the location, using a tracking transmitter of their pet.

How Pet Trackers Work?

Pet trackers have two categories; GPS trackers which utilize mobile networks or WiFi, and radio-frequency trackers which require no networks. The trackers are attached to the animal’s collar, which allows the pet owners to know exactly the whereabouts of their pet in real-time. This is how technology works for the safety of pets aside from using the best dog electric fence.

GPS tracker secures the pet’s position and sends the info to the smartphone. Normally, there’s an app to be used to show the pet’s location on a map. The base stations are usually used to determine the link between the tracker, which is attached to the pet’s collar, and the smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth.

There are pet trackers which are radio frequency trackers. The radio frequency locator usually comes up with one remote and one or more tags, which can attach to the pet’s collar.

How to Track Your Pet’s Location and Behavior Using Technology?

Pet owners are glad to know that technology helps us to keep tracking our pets immediately unlike years ago. Today with only a little protective step, we can ensure that our pets are safe within our reach and without letting them wander far away even if we have an electric fence.

1. Tractive GPS Pet Tracking

Tractive GPS Pet Tracking device helps the pet owner to locate their lovable pets anytime and anywhere. Using this free Tractive GPS app, tracking can be performed on a smartphone. In Tractive, the pet owner can activate a safe zone which acts as an electric fence. As soon as the pet leaves the area and touches the dog’s electric fence, a notification will be sent to the smartphone.

2. Gibi Pet GPS Tracking Service

The Gibi Pet GPS Tracking Service device can monitor a pet’s location and it will let you know via text and/or email if your dog is out of their safe zone. The Gibi app is available and free to use to see where your pets are.

3. Whistle

Aside from GPS locators, Whistle is also an activity tracker for your pets. With the use of a free app or through Whistle’s website, you can easily locate your pet. Using this tracking device users can automatically receive details about the location of the pet. 

4. Radio Tracking Devices

Radio frequencies can be used to locate your pet, and Radio pet trackers use this tracking device. There is a transmitter on the tracker that sends a signal to the receiver telling what the direction of your pet is. This technology can be the best option if you are living in a remote area because this device doesn’t need to rely on cell sites. Though it has a limited range, from 100 feet to a mile, it depends on the strength of the signal.

5. Bluetooth Tracking

The Bluetooth pet tracker is a device that attaches to your pet’s collar and it can communicate you’re your smartphone via Bluetooth. This tracking device can work if you have Bluetooth connectivity. Even if your phone has a low-power battery, it can still cover an area of around 30 meters. Bluetooth tracking is best used indoors.

6. Wifi Tracker

The internet is one of the major factors in why we can communicate and see things that are far from us. This WiFi can be used as a pet-tracking device. With the use of WiFi, you can see the location of your pet. This process can be very easy if you are tech-savvy, but it can work only if you have a nearby wireless network. Wifi tracker is not recommended if you have a poor signal or no network.

Track Your Pet’s Behavior in Real-Time

As a pet owner, you must always monitor the behavior of your pet whether it is inside your home or outside. Sometimes it is so tasking for the pet owner to monitor personally the activities of your pets. You should always have an extra pair of eyes and ears to keep monitoring your pets.

The Companion Collar will help pet owners to track their pet’s movements in real time. It will send updates to the owner’s phone whenever their pet wanders outside of an electric fence for a dog. The companion collar uses Bluetooth and satellite communications to track the pet’s location and behavior.

To Sum it Up

Pet owners are benefiting from the advancement of technology. The use of technology to track your pets gives them peace of mind. Trackers help you to make your pets away from danger and it monitors your pet’s behavior in real-time. There are different ways to track your pets using technology, just choose the best one that you are comfortable with. As technology improves, there’s no need to worry about the safety of your pet.

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