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Adani’s ‘Make in India, Make for India’ Philosophy

by Arman Ali
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The Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ project, introduced in 2014, sought to promote local manufacturing and establish India as a center of global manufacturers. After realizing its enormous potential, Gautam Adani made this concept a pillar of the Adani Group’s business strategy. His conviction was straightforward but significant: for India to prosper, it has to create and consume its goods, decreasing reliance on imports.

Adani’s Attitude Towards Growth

According to Gautam Adani, corporate involvement is different from what defines growth. The authentic influence that the Adani Group can have is what drives growth. They focus on the lives of those they can influence, the communities they can strengthen, and the possibilities they can ignite. They have quickly gone out to the most distant geographies due to their enormous scope of activities. Adani Group prioritises large-scale execution that helps millions of Indians, whether in producing power, solar energy, or agri-logistics.

Unwavering resolve and an unshakable dedication to advancement characterise Adani’s growth mindset. The Adani Group has continuously shown a desire for invention and a determination to lead in each market it enters. Its agenda spans numerous sectors, from transportation to energy and beyond. This growth-oriented mindset supports the Adani Group’s expansion and advances the prosperity of the areas where it conducts business, leaving a long-lasting legacy of achievement.

Adani’s Tireless Pursuit of Strategic Gains

The constant pursuit of strategic benefits by Adani Group has served as a distinguishing aspect of its path. Adani has increased its domestic and international presence, securing its position as a significant player in the world through prudent choices and a dedication to permanent success.

Key Advantages

● A customer-facing system with a single window that manages all port services

● A focus on the needs of each customer

● Adani Ports and Logistics is a pioneer on several fronts, equipped to handle the most significant ships afloat in the world

● Infrastructural specialisation around commodities

● Continuous, uninterrupted operations

● Utilising multiple modes of transportation to satisfy customers’ needs and provide timely delivery

Agricultural Logistics in India

The Adani Group is building a seamless and effective supply chain to ensure farmers can reliably get their produce to markets by utilising their skills in infrastructure and logistics. This helps farmers earn more money while also lowering post-harvest losses. Additionally, the Adani Group promotes independence and strengthens the domestic agricultural industry, properly embracing the “Make in India, Make for India” idea. Adani’s dedication to India’s growth and environmental development is reaffirmed by its commitment to agricultural logistics. 

Some highlights:

● Operates 7 BCBFG rakes to transport food grains from field depots dispersed throughout India to base depots in the north.

● There are 20 storage infrastructure facilities in nine Indian states; 18 are operational, and two are being implemented.

● Silo capacity of 1.175 MMT (91% operational; 9% under implementation)

● Connecting major consuming centers in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and Bihar with the major food grain-producing states of Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh through a Pan-India network of procurement and distribution silos.

● The first unified bulk handling, storage, and logistics system for grains in India has changed the country’s future food security.

● The services include bulk purchases from farmers, cargo cleaning, storage in steel silos, high-tech preservation, real-time monitoring, and bulk transfer by rail wagons to field depots.

● Before being stored and preserved in silos, incoming farmer cargo is examined for the eight quality criteria set forth by the Indian government. To guarantee the quality of food grains given through PDS and other welfare programs of the GOI, outgoing cargo is also examined on comparable quality criteria.

● It offers the Food Corporation of India a smooth, end-to-end bulk supply chain. 

Adani Real Assets: The Team

For APSEZ, people and culture are real competitive advantages. Employees constantly outperform their accomplishments and develop value propositions for consumers. Agility and a growth mentality are crucial components of corporate culture. The Adani Group employees now have a variety of career options because of business expansion and the addition of new markets.

The foundation of talent management in the firm is giving people meaningful work and chances to learn and develop at various stages. APSEZ offers a diverse and exciting work environment, and it acknowledges that its employees are what make it successful and expand. A competitive advantage for creating an aspirational environment and a forward-thinking firm is provided by the competence and capability of its workforce.

 At three levels—organisational, team, and individual—the company is committed to developing capabilities ahead of requirements. Related systems, procedures, and people management techniques are created and implemented to keep them current and aspirational. To continually improve abilities and employee experiences, cutting-edge and pertinent techniques are developed, tested, updated, and used. A youthful and growing business, APSEZ employs people who are, on average, 37 years old.

People mature swiftly and accept full responsibility for their actions when they are empowered in all spheres and allowed to make decisions at the boundaries. It keeps business operations quick and flexible. Celebrating talent and its accomplishment through career and recognition, fostering a culture of meritocracy, and maintaining a modern, flexible workplace are all factors in organisational success.

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