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6 Trendy Places to Install Concrete Slabs

by Abdus Subhan
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The time when we thought of concrete as “ordinary” has gone. Now, it can take different designs and colours to fit any home style— apartment, bungalow, or a condominium. Hence, there is an increased demand for concrete slab installation in Melbourne for residential & commercial spaces.

In fact, concrete slab installations are no longer limited to garages or basements. They have made their way into homes and offices alike. People have started looking at concrete as the versatile material it is.

Would you like to know what parts of your home look well with concrete slabs?

Here are 5 places that are trending for concrete slab installation in Melbourne. Read on, take inspiration, and give your own spin to it!

1. Foyers

Using concrete for the foyer gives your place an elegant entrance. Unlike common opinion, concrete slabs can take a lavish appearance. This leaves a great impression on everyone who steps into your home!

Upgrades include stencilled motifs, multicolour patterns that resemble tile, distinctive saw-cut shapes, and even concrete islands that appear to be floating in swimming pools. Besides, these additions don’t cost much. They are affordable and do the job well.

In addition to their striking appearance, concrete flooring is perfect for foyers because they are durable and can withstand high foot traffic.

Because of all these reasons, concrete has become a versatile material. Thus, you and your builder will have numerous options to personalise it for specific requirements.

2. Transitional Regions

The distinction between indoors and outdoors is rapidly disappearing as more interior designers choose to create seamless transitional areas. This is becoming increasingly common; thus, you must deal with this area smartly.

Patios that flow into interior rooms are a great area for concrete slabs since it’s one of the few materials that can be utilised indoors and outdoors. Concrete slab contractors or interior designers can come up with more possibilities based on your specific needs.

3. Kitchen and Bathroom Areas

In your entire home, the kitchen and bathroom areas are two places that are constantly in use. They also tend to expose to a lot of water, which can lead to the degradation of the floors. For such busy areas, you need a stronger and more durable material for flooring.

Concrete is one of the best materials for these particular issues. It can withstand the wear and tear common to these areas. For example, kitchens see much foot traffic, dropped cutlery, liquid and food spills, etc. On the other hand, bathrooms are exposed to water, soap, and scrubs.

Besides, there’s less chance of growing mould and mildew as there are no grout joints for the concrete floors. Some designs you can consider are as follows.

  • Stencilled
  • Stained concrete
  • Refinished flooring
  • Marble-mimic floors

4. Patio

When summer approaches and the weather is nice, what better place to be than on a patio with your kith and kin? The concrete slab, which is flexible and easy to adapt, offers space for barbecues, seats, fire pits, and more.

Concrete slabs for such lovely patios are a great idea from the start. Further, its durability and strength can be quite helpful with a patio.

5. Utility Areas

Another common area for installing concrete slabs in Melbourne is the utility areas in your yard or landscaping. It provides a multi-purpose surface, be it for an air-conditioner or a garbage collector.

Unlike other areas in your home, installing concrete slabs in these small utility areas is easier and barely costs anything. Because it is such a simple job, any rookie concrete worker can pull it off. It is even an easy enough job for a DIY if you have a fair bit of experience.

These utility areas are regularly exposed to dirt, water, and other corrosive substances. Thus, concrete is a better material for these areas than any other.

6. Living Rooms

Finally, the living rooms are no exception for these materials. Concrete slabs also fit perfectly well in living rooms.

Concrete is often considered to be a dull and industrial option for homes. However, one can hone it in many ways than necessary. There’s no limit whatsoever to creativity with concrete.

For example, you can choose stained concrete if you dislike the grey appearance. In the same way, you can let it stay humble as it is if you prefer a low-key look.

Concrete floors also have the advantage of being more light-reflective than other flooring types, which makes a big living room appear brighter. By magnifying natural daylight during the day and minimising the use of artificial light at night, polished concrete floors installed in high-ceilinged rooms could save energy.


Concrete has a charm of its own that is timeless and organic. Its neutral grey colour allows ample opportunity to blend with most colour schemes, spaces, and materials. Hence, there’s no need to eliminate concrete from the list before considering all these possibilities.

Find a reliable and skilled concrete contractor, so you get the right guidance. There are many things that we only understand with experience and depth of understanding. Thus, make it a point to research well before hiring anyone for a project.

If you ask us, our recommendation would be Excon Group. Their experience and skill with concrete are commendable, so your project will be in good hands. Ring them up for further information!

We hope we made you curious about this versatile material—concrete!

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