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5 Industries that may greatly benefit from translation

by MoralStory Editorial Team
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Translation services have made it easy for people and brands to interact and communicate with each other. Such services have enabled businesses to reach audiences all over the planet while eliminating all the cultural and language barriers.

Although, any industry, no matter the size, can make take full advantage of translation services. We’ll go over the top 5 industries that can and are already benefiting from language services the most.

Health and medicine

Health and medicine is a global industry. As healthcare companies look forward to adapting to their foreign audiences, medical translation services become extremely important. These translation services will be required for pretty much everything. From the dosage instructions mentioned on the medicines to medical records, prescription information, and patient notes.

It’s the basic right of patients to receive accurate medical information and advice from their doctors. While the language they speak could be a barrier, medical and healthcare translation services will help bridge this gap. 

Since health and medicine is a kind of industry where small translation mistakes and inaccuracies can endanger people’s lives. Companies looking to expand worldwide rely heavily on professional translators with native or near-native abilities to accurately convey their information.

The Tech Industry

With over $9 trillion global market, the tech industry has had some phenomenal growth in recent years. Studies show that around 70% of the market revenue comes from countries other than the U.S. Thus, tech companies engage with clients worldwide in many different languages.

If we see the world’s largest tech companies, they mainly come from the U.S., China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. All of these big companies conduct business internationally, so they must communicate with their clients, partners, and global offices in multiple languages. 

At the heart of the success of the majority of these companies is that they develop global projects. To achieve goals of those global projects, they rely heavily on translation services to translate all types of their materials. Such as technical documents, software products, apps, websites, and marketing content. Keeping this in view, if other small businesses and tech startups also want to succeed in this global digitized economy, they must benefit from language services. 

Chemical industry

If we simply talk about chemical products, they make up one of the largest, if not the largest industry in the world. Mainly because chemicals affect almost every part of our life. Including, but not limited to, health, clothes, food, energy, water, soil, and environment.

Because of its vital role in the everyday life, people have long valued this field. Moreover, due to the advancements and developments in digital communication, the need for cross-border cooperation and study in this field has been growing. As a result, there is an increasing demand for chemical translation services and effective ways to obtain such services.

With the tendency to reach new international markets. The companies will need to translate their safety data sheets, product specifications, SPCs, etc. into several languages. They will also require translation services to meet international compliance and regulatory laws.

Beauty and cosmetics

The beauty and cosmetics industry spans the world. What does this mean? Well, as it serves markets around the globe, it means your business has consumers that speak many languages. And come from different cultures. So you have to scale your business to international standards if you want your business to stay alive in this globalized world. That’s where beauty and cosmetics translation services come in. 

Precise translation of your beauty products will ensure that your varied consumers understand the product descriptions. Detailed translations of the ingredients in your products will make sure that nobody applies a product that’s harmful, or worse fatal to their skin. Also, because more than 3/4th of all internet searches come in languages other than English, you can use these services to translate your website. In order to boost your website traffic and enjoy more visibility in the market. 

Tourism and Travel

With a considerable rise in the number of people traveling overseas, translation services have become vital to this industry. Countries that wish to attract more international travelers need to advertise in several languages. Otherwise, they might be unable to gain the attention of the travel makers. Only excellent language services will enable them to succeed in the persuasion process.

There are various things that a country or travel agency would want to translate for their visitors. This can include brochures, legal documents, websites, and more. Since everyone would like to create a long-lasting impression on the minds of their visitors, there is no palace for inadequate translations or communication errors of any kind. 

By obtaining translation services, tourism and travel companies or any officials will be providing services to visitors in their native language. They will have their accommodation options available in multiple languages, along with details of local attractions. Hence, improving their chances of business success. 

Concluding remarks

Translation services could be beneficial for any and all sectors. The industries mentioned above are just a few examples of how translation services are essential for international success. Brands can effectively communicate with their international audience and convert them into loyal customers by seeking translations. 

Translation services not only help brands go global and provide a tailored experience to people who speak different languages. People now have access to products and services that would not have been available otherwise.

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