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5 Benefits to Using an Assisted Living Facility

by Abdus Subhan
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5 Benefits to Using an Assisted Living Facility

When our loved ones reach an age where they can no longer care for themselves on their own, it comes down to their children usually to come up with a way to care for them. A lot of times, the children of the elderly take it upon themselves to care for them in their own homes where they don’t have the proper equipment. Or they will care for themselves but again, usually without the proper equipment. In that case, there will likely be accidents that occur because of the insufficient equipment or setup that is typically a sure way for these accidents to be more probable. Here are 5 benefits to using an assisted living facility: fully equipped bathrooms, proper beds, ramps and elevators, on-call nurse care, and no major cooking required. 

Fully-Equipped Bathrooms

Typically, in regular homes, there aren’t bathrooms properly equipped for the elderly that have more needs than the typical person. When this is the case, that is a major cost to redo a whole bathroom to be completely equipped for an elderly person with needs. In this type of installation, it would include handrails, a non-slip bathtub with, and other safety aspects that would help someone that has less mobility but is costly. 

Proper Beds

Proper beds may be provided in some cases in an assisted living facility. These beds are much different than a regular bed you would need for a typical person. They are electrical beds that are helpful in getting someone out of bed that has little mobility. The head of the bed will raise so that it can also double as a place to sit which is a much-needed comfort for most elderly people. 

Ramps and Elevators

Most elderly people are in need of more ramps and less stairs. These assisted living facilities know that is an obvious thing that needs to be implemented all around. Elevators are also a major part of all assisted living facilities and for good reason. These elderly people have lost so much mobility to be able to use stairs safely. Most homes are going to have some sort of set of stairs that make it difficult for someone to be able to live safely in their own home without the proper equipment to make it up and down those stairs. 

On-Call Nurse Care

Something that will definitely not easily be provided at home is an on-call nurse at all times. The ability to call a nurse in at any given moment is probably one of the best things an assisted living facility can provide. The children of the elderly are just not able to do the same things that a nurse is going to be able to do and provide unfortunately. 

No Major Cooking Required

Another really important part of living in an assisted living facility is the fact that you can find locations where there is little to no cooking required. All meals are provided. They are able to eat at their leisure with little to worry about which is exactly what these elderly people deserve. If you are searching, Pocatello Assisted Living is a great place to get these great amenities.

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