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Why is Avast Cleanup Premium not working on Windows 10 PC

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Avast Cleanup

Avast is a security program that provides tools for device and network security. Users can go for its freeware or paid plans for keeping their system and data security. When the user installs Avast on the system; the security program creates a protective layer for preventing any threats on the system.

Along with the security programs, Avast also provides device optimization tools such as Avast cleanup premium. Using Avast on the system ensures that the device is protected from all threats. But when your antivirus is not working on the system; you have to check for the error and find the appropriate solution.

Reasons behind Avast Cleanup not working

  1. You have installed an incompatible Avast setup
  2. Some Avast cleanup went missing
  3. Avast registry files get corrupted
  4. Another program is conflicting with your Avast
  5. System files are showing some errors

Solving Avast Cleanup not working in Windows 10 error:

Install the correct Avast setup 

When your Avast antivirus is not working on the system; you have to check whether the setup is compatible with your device or not. People often install the program without checking the compatibility. Your Avast will not work when Windows 10 is not providing all the required resources. Now check the specifications. If the plan is not compatible then uninstall it and download the compatible one. You can cancel the subscription and then ask for a refund. Once you receive your refund; get a compatible Avast setup for your device.

Uninstall another antivirus 

Your Avast antivirus will not work on the device and the Avast pop ups won’t stop when you have multiple security programs. While detecting any malware; Avast antivirus uses some of the resources. If you have installed another antivirus on the system then it will conflict while accessing the resources. You have to remove another antivirus from the system.

Otherwise, Avast antivirus will not work. Check for the installed software list on Windows devices. Many times, a user upgrades his Avast free plan to the premium and forgets to remove the free setup from the system. You must remove every antivirus setup from the system even if it is old from Avast. Uninstall the programs from the device and then reopen Avast antivirus. Click on the scan button and check whether your antivirus is working or not.

Repair Avast related registry files

Registry files can get into error due to any invalid changes on the settings. Once the file stops working; Avast antivirus will start showing the error. The user has to fix the registry files on his system. You can open the registry files by running the regedit command. After opening the registry editor; you have to go for the Avast files. Now select all the Avast registry files and export them to the desktop. Make sure you have saved those files with the .reg extension. Now go to the corrupted file and repair it. When you can’t edit the corrupted Avast registry files manually then you should ask for professional help. 

Remove junk from the system

The junk and unwanted files of the Windows 10 can start conflicting with your Avast antivirus. When your antivirus runs on the computer; temp files start interrupting it. These junk files also acquire your free disk space and RAM. Delete those junk files and then you can run the Avast easily. You can delete all the files from your temp folder. But finding other system junk is difficult. Instead of searching manually; you can use the junk cleaner of Windows 10.

Run the cleanmgr command it will automatically start searching for the unnecessary files on the system. The junk cleaner tool will take a few minutes to check all the junk files of the system. Now you will see the files you can remove from the device. Click on the files and delete them. Now restart Windows 10 PC and tap on the Avast icon. Run the scan and keep the system secured.

Update your Avast antivirus

Your security program can stop working when it is outdated. Avast has the auto-update feature but it can get disabled when the disk space is low. Sometimes users disable the auto-update also. If your antivirus is outdated then you need to install the update. Go to Avast and install its latest update. If the setup is not updating then you should check the disk space. When the space is very low; all the updates on the system will get disabled.

Your OS will also start showing the update error. Increase the disk space by removing large files. Now update the Avast setup immediately. Don’t forget to check the OS update; if available then install it on Windows 10. You should also try reinstalling your old setup. Sometimes, your program shows an error when some program files are not working. Instead of repairing the files; reinstalling the setup is an easy and reliable method. 

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