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11 Hairstyles and Outfit Combinations to Help You Look Fabulous!

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11 Hairstyles and Outfit Combinations

Many women struggle with their hairstyles when putting on a specific outfit. Figuring out what to do with your hair when you’re going out for the evening or just putting your regular clothes on for the office can be daunting.

Your choice of hairstyle has the potential to either make or break your entire look. While some women enjoy putting their hair down, others like to experiment. But which hairstyle would go best with a particular outfit is still a question mark.

So, to make things easier for you, we will discuss some of the best hairstyles and outfit combinations to help you look fabulous. Need ideas for your hairstyle the next time you head out? Continue reading to find out what we have in store for you.

Best Hairstyle and Outfit Combinations for Your Next Out & About!

If you love Swiss rolls or blow-dried curls in your hair but always struggle with the curler, you can pin up your hair after blowing them out for some added volume. You can also use your straightener to curl your hair when going out for the evening since it is far more convenient.

You will find plenty of techniques to curl your hair with a straightener. Just follow the tutorials and make a hairstyle you genuinely love.

But how would you pick a hairstyle for a particular outfit? Let’s find out.

  1. Suit Up with High Pony

Want to look more professional and well-put-together? Well, in that case, you can surely go for a high ponytail when going to the office in the morning.

Women love dressing up for professional settings. Suits speak class and elegance as no other outfit does. Whether it is a business meeting or a regular day at the office, a high ponytail with your tweed suit will look incredible.

We know that many women are afraid of riding high ponies because it brings their scalps into focus. But don’t worry; you can always use a root touch-up spray in an emergency and nail that ponytail at the office.

Root touch spray or toot concealer powder can be an incredible way to experiment with your hair without worrying about your gray roots popping up.

  1. Go Casual with a Messy Braid

While high ponies look classy and elegant in the corporate world, there are probably better options than suiting up when staying home or going for a regular grocery run.

So, instead of pulling a formal avatar, why not wear your hair in a messy braid with casual tees and go out? We first saw Selena Gomez styling herself in a cute messy braid, and she looks super trendy.

Regarding fashion, the “Naturally” singer is an icon. She surely knows how to carry herself with grace and looks stylish in this messy braid. So, the next time you stay home but still want to slay in your casual tee, pull off this braid, and you will look trendy.

  1. Low-Hanging Bun for an Evening Gown

Planning to head out for the evening for your best friend’s wedding, or is it the Sunday brunch with lots of gents and ladies hovering over you? Whichever it may be, put on a classy and elegant evening gown and tie your hair in a low-hanging bun.

Trust us when we say nothing looks as graceful as this hairstyle. A low-hanging bun looks stylish and brings life to your outfit when paired with a small hair accessory. So, the next time you have a wedding or a brunch to attend, go ahead with a slightly messy low-hanging bun.

  1. Tight High Bun with an Evening Gown

Low-hanging buns are the perfect hairstyle for intimate gatherings. But if you have to attend a corporate event or a gala, perhaps you should try looking more sophisticated and composed.

Put on a fitted velvet evening gown, don diamond earrings, and tie your hair in a sleek high bun. Don’t add a hair accessory on top; let your hairstyle speak for itself. When attending a formal event, tight high buns are the ideal hairstyle to wear with an evening gown.

Don’t forget to complete your look with a traditional studded clutch; you’re good to go.

  1. Half Updo with a Mini Skirt

Half updos look pretty stunning when wearing a short dress or a mini skirt. These sorts of dresses look far more feminine and sexy. You have a lot of liberty to enhance your overall look by experimenting with a few hairstyles before you choose one.

We love half updos since they are accessible to style, and if you’re headed for a day with your best, you can flaunt your hair without a care. Tie two strands of your hair behind your head in a ponytail and let the rest fall freely on your shoulder.

Or you can try to twist the front strands or braid them for a more put-together hairstyle. Either way, you will look gorgeous. Don’t forget to wear high heels and grab your crossbody bag to complete your look.

  1. Messy Hairdo with Sweetheart Neckline

Whether you’re a bridesmaid or if it’s your wedding, sweetheart necklines are all the rage these days. These necklines dominate your makeup, accessories, and even your hairstyle if you don’t choose a hairstyle carefully.

These revealing necklines look stunning but require a messy hairstyle to keep your look well-proportioned. Put on a diamond necklace and create a messy hairstyle to balance your outfit.

Ensure that your makeup looks good, and add some hair accessories to take a little bit away from the neckline. The outfit will look incredible if you pay attention to the minor details and choose your hairstyle carefully.

  1. Blow Dry with a Party Dress

Do you like to keep your hair down when going out to a party in the evening? Most women opt for straightened hair when wearing a party dress since it’s effortless.

However, with straightened hair, you tend to lose volume, making your head look flat. So, instead, we recommend that you blow dry your hair and let it freefall over your shoulders. Blow-dried hair has much more volume than straightened hair and will make you look like you just walked out of a salon.

Grab an evening clutch, wear dangling earrings, and you will look ethereal.

  1. Put on a Cute Headband with Beach Wear

Struggling to style your hair for a day at the beach? Take it easy and style it with a headband matching your bikini. Headbands may seem outdated to some people, but they are still very much in style.

A wide range of printed and studded headbands are available on the market. And even if you don’t, simply grab a hair tie and turn it into a headband. You can either let your hair down or tie it in a loose ponytail, according to your preference.

When styling your hair with a bikini, beachy waves would also be a good idea.

  1. Clip Your Hair Back with Jeans

Do you lack the time to devote to your hairstyle? Then you can simply grab a hair clip and tie them behind your ears before heading out.

This is a simple hairstyle that looks gorgeous with daily wear. You can put on a jacket over your jeans or wear a sweater. Whatever you do, this hairstyle would look the absolute best.

  1. Straightened Hair with a Cocktail Dress

Do you have curly or wavy hair and want to look different? Perhaps it is time for you to straighten your hair and wear a stunning cocktail dress to impress your friends.

While many people don’t like the idea of straight hair, those with curly hair sometimes die for straight hair. So, if you wish to look a bit different the next time you head out to the bar, straighten your hair and wear a short dress.

Do smokey eyes and complete your look with court shoes. This look speaks of sheer class and elegance. You can always tie your hair in the middle of the party, but leave it down for a few minutes before the night begins. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the top choices we recommend with particular dresses. Figuring out how you want to carry your hair can take a lot of time. So, if you know which hairstyle would look good with a specific dress, you can save a lot of time.

Many people dislike experimenting with their hairstyles because they fear their roots will be more prominent. If you’re running out of time and haven’t had the chance to dye your hair, there’s nothing to worry about because root touch-up spray has you covered.

Now, you can freely experiment with your hairstyles and carry yourself with grace and the utmost confidence. Always plan out your hairstyle before putting on an outfit, so you know what to do. Consider how you want to appear, and then begin styling your hair.

Letting your hair fall naturally is always a safe choice. Ensure that you style your hair according to your outfit.

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