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Your Quick Primer: Retail Packaging and E-Commerce Packaging

by Abdus Subhan
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E-Commerce Packaging

While, for many years, many people have perceived packaging solely as product protection, it does much more. Retail packaging and e-commerce packaging differ significantly in terms of design and purpose.

Choosing the right packaging material is very important for your product and branding. However, you need to understand the difference between various types of packaging to make an informed choice.

Retail Packaging

Although sometimes ignored when directly giving consumers a product, retail packaging can be utilized in all circumstances. Understanding it can give you the chance to maximize its benefits.

What purpose does retail packaging serve?

Retail packaging, also known as interior packaging, is the last line of defense between your goods and the consumer. This custom packaging style is the most typical in retail settings, luring potential buyers to pick up the item. 

Retail packaging can have delicate designs since it doesn’t need to be robust, weatherproof, or otherwise prepared for lengthy transportation. 

Unlike packaging for e-commerce, the main objective of retail packaging is to be visually beautiful to stand out to buyers and raise brand awareness.

What to consider when choosing retail packaging

Compared to e-commerce packaging, retail packaging needs to be more aesthetically pleasing. You’ll want to use customized solutions that are entirely developed with graphics and logos and stand out to potential customers.

Focus on giving a clear picture of what is inside the packaging to avoid leaving the customer to guess. You can do this by giving a good description on the back, a clear image of the item, and sometimes a transparent area where your item can be viewed.

E-Commerce Packaging

E-commerce packaging is the first and, in some cases, the only type of packing a client sees when you send a product straight to them. Additionally, it serves as their first interaction with your business, so custom packaging may either enhance or degrade how they view you and your organization.

What purpose does e-commerce packaging serve?

E-commerce packaging is also referred to as “external” packaging. Although the look of your outer package is not insignificant, it is meant chiefly for functionality rather than appearances. E-commerce packaging is used to ensure that goods are delivered safely; it must protect the contents any time they are being transported.

E-commerce packaging’s main objective is to keep the product (or goods) secure by providing a robust, product-specific casing that can be weather-resistant when necessary.

By using logos and catchphrases on items like boxes, mailers, and gorgeous custom tissue, this sort of packaging has the secondary purpose of raising brand recognition.

What to consider when choosing e-commerce packaging

To ensure reduced waste and safe transportation, your packaging should be suitable in terms of size and shape. Being environmentally conscious will improve your company’s reputation and make waste disposal easier for customers.

Customizing your packaging will help you to raise brand awareness. During transit, more people than just the customer will see the packaging, giving you a perfect marketing opportunity. 

Partnering with a renowned packaging firm will increase your chances of presenting your product and brand right and appealing to more people.

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