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Why Video Ads Cost Less on Facebook?

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Last modified on April 23rd, 2022 at 6:14 pm

why video ads cost less on facebook

Have you ever wondered how video ads on Facebook cost a lot less than other types of content? On average, video ads cost just about 10% of the cost of single-image ads. You should expect to pay $0.15 to $0.50 for every click on video campaigns, while this value is $2 or higher for single image ads.

Note that the audience is the same for both scenarios. So why is this even the case? Facebook values videos because of their vast impression and sharing prowess. Thus, the cheaper CPC (cost per click) is charged when it comes to video ads. If you’re now convinced about using Facebook videos as an advertising method, consider an online video editor like

Don’t worry about the budget to produce video content. Nowadays, you don’t need a huge production team with a big budget to have a single video ad. At the comfort of your living room sofa, you can use an online video editor to create amazing video content to popularize your brand. Facebook is an excellent platform for those who want to advertise their business. Not only does it have affordable costs but it also offers useful targeting options. The cost of having an ad on the platform will depend on several things, including the following:


You need to be very specific with your audience targeting. Be as clear as you can with it. This will help lower the cost of the video ad. Sending out a generic ad is not only expensive but also pointless. You might end up not converting anyone at all. And even if you do, they may not be the potential clients you want within your business niche.

Also, when you narrow down your audience range, you reduce the number of competitors running ads for a similar audience. You’re in a battle with thousands of other brands on Facebook. So, you have to ensure that you target the right customers to watch your video ads.

Making Quality Videos Using an Online Video Editor

make quality videos using an onine video editor
make quality videos using an onine video editor

You’re using ads to promote your video doesn’t mean that they will work even when the video is of terrible quality. You still have to invest in producing quality videos that can attract the audience’s attention. You’ll be shooting yourself on foot if you market a video that can’t impress anyone.

In case you’re wondering how you can make a good video on a budget, then worry no more. Free software can help you do the task, and some of them don’t even require installation as you can use them on your browser. With an online video editor, you can create stunning videos that can impress anyone. So, when you finally decide to promote them using ads, it becomes a lot easier for them to reach a wider audience.

You need to understand that the competition is very tough out there. And if you don’t improve your quality and marketing tactics, there’s little to no chance of your business or brand succeeding.


When you’re finally setting up your Facebook ad, you need to remember that there are different tactics to use for it to be a success. Even if you know your audience in and out, you still need to know the little tiny secrets that make a post get more impressions. Things like the hashtags that you use for your content and the captions matter a lot.

You may think that as long as the video is of good quality, it will convert and bring in more customers. However, they also judge the video based on what they see as a caption. Thus, try to be a bit more creative than your competitors.

Targeting Your Audience Separately


Once you are done creating your video ads, try to target your audience separately. As much as your fans may love you, they value different aspects of you – not always the same.

You need to understand that Facebook fans are the best-performing audiences regarding conversion rate and engagement rate. That is why you need to build dedicated campaigns for every group of your fans. If you successfully do this, it becomes easier to make all the fans happy with your brand or business.

Ensuring Quality Content

At the end of the day, advertising is just a tool to increase the attention you already have. If you don’t have much attention, growing your audience will become more complicated and expensive.

Why are we saying all this? Well, it’s simple – content is king. No matter how big is your budget for video ads, low-quality content may just throw your money down the drain. So, make sure you come up with engaging content first, and let an online video editor help you with the rest of the work to create attractive video ads.

Final Thoughts

Video ads on Facebook cost much less than any other form of content. And they are also more effective in marketing your brand. So why not take it to your advantage right away? The above-mentioned are things you need to consider when creating Facebook video ads that can take your marketing campaigns to the next level with the lowest cost possible.

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