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How Tech is Changing Learning Systems Around the World

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Last modified on May 17th, 2022 at 9:11 am


We are currently riding the wave of digital development that doesn’t seem to have an end and this affects every aspect of our lives, especially education. Then came the pandemic and we had to isolate our children by closing schools and keeping them at home, which saw the birth of e-learning in mainstream education; already being used in remote regions, VoIP solutions enable audio and video via the Internet. Most schools quickly adapted to distance learning, making sure that all students had access to a laptop, a webcam and a stable Internet connection, combined with intense teacher training. It is a completely different ball game when you teach online and without the proper training, traditional teachers would struggle in a virtual learning environment.

What is E-Learning?

Basically, e-learning is having an audio and video connection with your teacher and by using props such as e-whiteboards and file sharing, the teacher can instruct the students much as if they were all in the same classroom. The teacher’s main control screen shows thumbnails of all the students and with a click of the mouse, the teacher can have dialogue with a single student, making for the ideal learning environment. The teacher can talk to the whole class or a single student and with some IT training, managing an e-class is no big deal; young teachers are already IT savvy, which really helps and those who are not can quickly be brought up to scratch with a half-day course.

IT Hardware

For a school to host multiple networks to cater for hundreds of students, it would require servers and IT equipment from Rhenus High Tech final mile delivery service, one of the UK’s leading white glove logistics companies. Schools already had computer classrooms, which require a level of IT support and this existing network can be used with e-learning.

Higher Education

Universities and colleges were offering distance learning programs long before the pandemic arrived and there are millions of students around the world who are studying to improve themselves using e-learning. From bachelor degree to PhD, it is quite easy to locate a suitable e-learning program and you can register for the course, which gives you instant access to their huge resource library. All students are assigned an online mentor, who is available 24/7, someone you would talk to on daily basis and assist you in so many ways. There are good reasons to include robotics in college and university courses, as this sector is growing exponentially. Another good use of distance learning is acquiring new skills. Workers in the healthcare industry can get an ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certification completely online but also refresh these skills when needed.

Voice over Internet Protocol

This is the technology that powers e-learning, using programs such as Zoom and Skype, which enable multiple audio-video, even classes of 40+ students. A large school would call in a managed IT service provider to handle all hardware and software issues, plus they can train teachers and staff how to manage e-classes.

Click here for further information on using technology in education from the UK government, which is set to be the foundation of future learning. This means we can all learn and develop skills to help achieve life goals, even those who live in remote regions.

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