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Dad and Buried The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog | 10 Lessons for Parents

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Dad and Buried The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

Explore a Brooklyn dad’s chaotic yet hilarious journey in ‘Dad and Buried,’ the ultimate anti-parent parenting blog. Dive into his parenting rants on social life and fatherhood chaos.


In Dad and Buriеd, a fathеr flips thе script on your typical parеnt talе in Brooklyn Nеw York, a loud city fillеd with parеnting strееt noisеs. Introducing an anti-parеnting blog, “Dad and Buriеd,” that went viral and is different from all daily onlinе parеnting matеrials. 

Mikе, who is in his fortiеs, writеs about bеing a dad with a funny twist as hе complains yеt givеs advicе about how to bе a bеttеr dad. 

In this article, we will еxplorе thе Dad and Buriеd blog and how its author Mikе is changing thе way wе pеrcеivе parеnting, and what parеnting should be likе. Wе will also covеr thе main aspects of his blog and what kind of mеssagе hе wants to dеlivеr to thе world through his writing.

Mikе, who is in his fortiеs, writеs about bеing a dad with a funny twist as hе complains yеt givеs advicе about how to bе a bеttеr dad. 

Image Source: Dad and Buried

So, gеt rеady to laugh, undеrstand, and rеthink what you know about bеing a parеnt as wе wеlcomе you to thе diffеrеnt world of “Dad and Buriеd.”

The Man Behind the Anti-Parenting Blog

The man behind Dad and Buried is Mike Julianelle who is a middle-aged Brooklyn dad. His blog is mainly about complaining about being a father in his forties, and the kind of responsibilities he has to face; he complains about how parenting is destroying his social life, and how he is being hit by life as he takes care of his two sons.

Today, he has verified social accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He and his anti-parenting blog are famous, and making an impact for the parents that read the blog. Now, is that a positive or negative impact? This is what we’ll talk about now.

Dad and Buried – Humorous Takes on Challenges of Parenting

In his parenting blog, Mike talks about the challenges and chaos of fatherhood and the best part is that he turns these mundane moments into laugh-out-loud anecdotes.

In one of his viral blog posts, “Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate My Son,” he talks about the financial stress of being a father and highlights the not-so-talked-about size of parenting. He emphasizes the way we change our priorities when we’re parents, and how we are faced with challenges of having to raise better-looking boys.

Dad and Buried - Humorous Takes on Challenges of Parenting

Image Source: Dad and Buried

In his writing, Mike always jokes about how he has to face the struggle of receiving compliments and sometimes, competing for attention as he has charismatic toddlers. 

Dad and Buried – Addressing Controversies

In another post, “Why I Vaccinated My Son,” the Dad and Buried author addresses the controversial topic of vaccinations. 

He talks about the risks and benefits of using vaccines; he addresses a topic in a way that he agrees with the government, and suggests others do so as well. He knows that such a topic is considered controversial, but he also addresses the science-backed facts. 

A Glimpse into His Life Parenting an 11-Year-Old with ADHD

Nevertheless, not everything is a joke. The father writes on his blog a rather reflective piece titled “My Son’s ADHD is Getting to Me”. 

He strikes a balance between humor and sincerity by talking about the pressures of having to be entertained and being happy while struggling to be present in the moment.

Even though he portrays the issues of parenting a child with ADHD by being as funny as possible, the post illustrates some weaknesses and the difficulties he has to face while being a humorous dad as he takes care of his special child.

The viral posts serve as an illustration of how varied ‘Dad and Buried’ really is incorporating everyday jokes, serious talks on his everyday struggles with his boys, and personal musings about the up-and-down nature of modern-day parenting. 

This is a deeper-than-skin blog that makes people laugh, think, and relate with a real and raw father who refuses to use traditional means on how a dad ought to take care of his child.

A Glimpse into His Life Parenting an 11-Year-Old with ADHD

Image Source: Dad and Buried

“I am not an emotional guy,” says Mike. “But parenthood forces emotions upon you, even for a stoic, repressed (I was raised Catholic, what do you want?), alpha like me,” he added in a recent Facebook post where he talks about Detective Munch’s birthday.

10 Lessons from Dad and Buried the Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

1. Parenting is a Learning Process

Dad and Buried recognizes that parenting is an ongoing learning journey. We need to acknowledge that errors will occur, and each experience adds to personal growth and enhanced parenting skills.

2. Laugh at Yourself

Most importantly, Dad and Buried advise us not to take ourselves too seriously. Discover how to chuckle at your own parenting peculiarities and blunders, nurturing a light-hearted approach to the delightful chaos that is parenthood.

3. Embrace Imperfection

Dad and Buried’s honesty tells us that the perfect scenario in raising kids doesn’t exist. Acknowledge the mess, mishaps, and flaws as a fundamental part of the journey.

4. Find Humor in Challenges

Dad and Buried’s writings teach us that instead of succumbing to the stress of parenting, one should develop a sense of humor while facing daily challenges. Humor is good for the soul and toughens the spirit of parenting.

5. Challenge Conventional Norms

Dad and Buried breaks down stereotypes about how a parent should behave, urging us to question society’s expectations. By challenging the norms, we discover better and more authentic ways to navigate the maze of parenthood.

6. Celebrate Individuality

He highlights his sons’ uniqueness in each story he shares. It indicates the importance of cherishing and appreciating those traits that make our kids unique.

7. Balance Humor and Sincerity

Its amusing yet genuine style makes it an excellent choice for any reader. Learn how to laugh and be open about parenthood to experience parenting together through both joyful moments and difficulties.

8. Prioritize Mental Well-being

Dad and Buried humorously reminds us of the importance of taking care of our mental health when deciding to have children. Laughter becomes a therapy in dealing with the twists and turns of parenthood.

9. Community Matters

Being part of a community fosters a sense of belonging among parents. We need to recognize the importance of shared experiences and build connections with other parents who are going through the same rollercoaster of parenthood.

10. Adaptability is the Key

Adaptability is crucial as it helps you survive with humor as seen in Dad and Buried’s experiences. In short, what the blog tries to say is that tt’s a lifelong journey for child-rearing or parenting.

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