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Why did Great Yogis go to Mountains for Meditation?

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Mountains for Meditation

Meditation is one the greatest mindful practice to calm the mind as well as the body. It effectively helps
to overcome stress whether it is from every day’s hectic routine or work-stress. Different forms of meditation help in different ways to reduce stress and anxiety.
Majority of the people prefer meditation to clear the negative thoughts from the mind and to bring clarity to life. Yoga meditation has been an effective remedy in stress-relieving and professional yogis

prefer this meditation in a quiet, calm, and peaceful place. The majority of the yogis consider mountains as the best place for meditation especially the Slovenian Mountains. They claim to have the most calming and a relaxing stay in the Slovenian Alps while performing such mindful activities.

Why do Yogis go to Mountains for Meditation?

People are still curious to get the answer to this question as the majority of the yogis to prefer mountains for mediation. There are various reasons behind it but the most important one is meditation requires complete silence. According to yogis, there is none other better place than mountains for meditation.

The important reason why it is so because there is no external distraction on mountains. While on mountains you are away from the external world thus you stay away from the fast-paced lifestyle. Besides this, the calming atmosphere on mountains helps you heal fast.

The fresh air and silence make you feel closer to nature. You do not have to worry about anything else than to focus on your health. Not only this nature and natural beauty help a person focus on meditation for a longer time.

According to yogis, a meditation on the mountain fulfills the purpose of your meditation in a true sense. You can see a visible difference in your health both mental and physical as well as attitude. It will bring a positive change in your life and makes your vision clearer.

Thus, to avail the maximum benefit from meditation it is highly recommended to do meditation on mountains. However, few benefits of meditation on mountains are listed below that will help you get a better idea about its importance.

Benefits of Meditation on Mountains

Some prominent benefits of meditation on mountains are as follows:

o   Experience Solitude

Meditation requires complete silence and proper focus. A mountain is a perfect place in this respect. The great yogis chose mountains for meditation to enjoy the state of solitude. They wanted to experience meditation in a perfect way to get the maximum benefit out of this amazing practice.

According to them, mountains offer complete silence with least or no distraction. So, it is an ideal place for meditation, especially for mindfulness.

o   Minimal Requirements

Meditation on mountains requires nothing else than necessities like food, water, and suitable clothes. You do not have to worry about taking extra luggage or gadgets because you are here for wellness. The main priority is to focus on yourself by avoiding every sort of distraction. It allows you to focus more on yourself without worrying about anything.

o   Understand Your Body’s Need

While meditating on mountains you especially meditation on the Himalayas you can better understand your body’s oxygen level requirement. As well as you also feel certain physical changes in your body and that change will be for a good cause.

Other than that, a meditation on mountains also boosts your energy and leaves a positive impact on your mood. Besides physical health, it also improves your mental health.  

o   Focus More

As already discussed, mountains offer complete silence, which means you get a great opportunity to focus on yourself. While meditating on mountains there is no external distraction, you are close to nature in the fresh air and you only focus on improving your mental or physical condition.

The calmness, silence, and nature help you heal fast. As well as when you are alone you can focus more on certain things in your life and it also brings clarity to your mind. Thus, you can make a better decision about certain things in mind.

o   No Harm to Your Health

Lastly, yet importantly, a meditation on mountains will not harm your health in any way whether mental or physical. It improves health and makes a person feel physically and mentally healthy. So, trying meditation on mountains will not harm your health.


Meditation is one of the most effective practices to bring clarity to the mind and to release stress from life. But for meditation complete focus and silence are required. Thus, professional yogis highly recommend practicing meditation on mountains. As mountains are so peaceful, calm, and quiet, so they help a person heal fast.

As well as a meditation on mountain maximizes focus by minimizing distraction. So, it is ideal to practice meditation on mountains as you can fulfill your purpose quickly.

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