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8 Unique Gifts Every Writer Will Love

by Arman Ali
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8 Unique Gifts Every Writer Will Love

It’s estimated that there are over 150,000 writers found in the United States. If you have a writer in your life, whether they write books or blogs, you might sometimes struggle to come up with gift ideas.

Finding a book they haven’t read and will like can often be a challenge. And outside of nice pens, many people often scratch their heads thinking of what they might like.

If you can’t think of a unique gift for friends who love writing, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll be breaking down the eight great gift ideas for writers. That way, whether it’s for Christmas, their birthday, or a graduation, you can show them that you support their passions.

1. A Hand-Crafted Journal

It seems like writers can never get enough journals. That is because we often use them for a wide range of purposes. Some use their journals as diaries to record the day’s events.

Others use their journals to map out books or character sketches. It’s not uncommon to have a journal just to doodle silly drawings in. Best of all, there’s almost always a need for them since eventually, any journal will fill up.

Because of this, consider investing in a quality one for your writer’s gift. There are plenty of hand-crafted models made by sellers online. Or consider going to your local farmer’s market to see if any vendors have some nice inexpensive gifts for writers.

2. Good Coffee

Even writers don’t want to write some days or might feel too tired to do it effectively. When this happens they’ll likely turn to a good cup of joe for some help.

That’s why this little caffeine post can be such a thoughtful gift for writers. Invest in an artisanal blend that you know they’ll like. Or consider buying them some coffee-making equipment if their set-up is a little bland.

3. Ergonomic Keyboard

Writers are often typing away at their computers for hours on end. And, if they have a day job that also requires typing, this can start to produce pain in the wrist and hand joints.

One solution to this is to invest in an ergonomic keyboard for them. These products are specifically designed to relieve some of the tension that comes with this type of prolonged work.

That way your writer can do the work they love while also taking care of their long-term health.

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

In an ideal world, every writer would get access to a quiet lakeside writing environment. However, in reality, most writers are trying to work in their noisy apartments or houses.

Dealing with crying kids, loud neighbors, or the bustle of a city is enough to distract anyone. As such, noise-canceling headphones are a great way to give them a little bit of calm for their writing.

They can put on some music they love. Or if they don’t prefer writing to music some ambient sounds like the ocean or forest can be just as helpful.

5. Online Writing Courses

We all get writer’s block sometimes. And while there are many ways to get over it, one unique one is an online writing course. These courses put your writer in touch with a community of fellow individuals.

It also gives them exercises and deadlines for assignments which can force them to get out of their comfort zone while they improve writing.

6. A Personalized Stationery

Writers are notorious for writing long correspondence with their friends, family, and other writers. Indeed, sometimes a writer’s best work can come from intimate letters.

The advent of the digital age has indeed seen a decrease in physical letters thanks to email and social media. But there’s still something special about this form of snail mail.

If the writer in your life still loves in-person letters consider getting them some custom gifts like personalized stationery.

You can visit this link to find great deals on a variety of letters and writing papers. Or, if you know they might not like letters, you can invest in some business cards for them.

7. Writing Retreats

Many writers want to write their next book or poems, but they simply don’t have the time. Whether it’s looking after kids or a busy day job, they simply don’t have the time or energy at the beginning or end of the day.

If you know your writer has been struggling with this, consider getting them a stay at a writing retreat. These are programs that typically put writers in a remote setting for a weekend.

Some of them can last weeks or even months. It’s a great way to connect with other writers while minimizing distractions and focusing on the work.

Even if you can’t afford writing retreats as luxury gifts for writers, consider just renting a hotel room for the weekend. It offers a lot of the same peace that can be found in a writing retreat.

8. Alcohol

A nice bottle of spirits is already a pretty great idea for those who like to indulge in a drink now and then. However, alcohol holds a special place for many writers.

There’s no denying that many writers like Ernest Hemingway had a complicated relationship with alcohol. But it’s also true that a drink or two can release your inhibitions and get the words flowing for a writer.

That’s why many people exclaim the virtues of writing drunk while editing sober. If your writer has a history of alcohol, you should avoid this gift. However, if they enjoy it you can’t go wrong with a good bourbon or similar spirit.

Appreciate Learning About Gift Ideas for Writers? Keep Exploring

We hope this guide helped you inspire you with some gift ideas for writers. Remember that you

want to give the writer in your life something that they will use.

While art or books can be nice, it’s really special when someone shows they understand the struggles associated with writing through a gift. So listen closely to your writer next time you’re spending time with them.

Pay attention to anything they might be complaining about and consider getting a gift that can help in some way.

Want more gift ideas? There are plenty of similar guides and tips on our website which you can find if you keep on exploring.

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