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What You Need to Know Before Moving Out To Moving To Basel

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Moving To Basel

Basel, the heart of Switzerland, holds most of its identity—the culture and the arts. It lies near the border of two unique countries: France and Germany. Given those facts, Basel is considered rich in culture. It is a place for those seeking to meet new people and see life through a different lens.

If you are considering moving to this dreamland, it is best to know a few practical information about the city. That would include quality of life, cost of living, and the best places to find a home.

Things to Consider Before You Move into Basel

Basel is known to have the best health care in Switzerland. Those who live in the city have a taste of its high quality of life. In fact, the latest prosperity index by Legatum recognized Basel as having the best government.

But note that all comes with a price, so living here can also be expensive. You can still live the dream of starting a life here. You can kickstart your new life by choosing a furnished apartment in Basel that would fit your lifestyle and budget.

Here are a few tips and some advice when looking for a place to live.

Lodging In Basel

There are a lot of lodging and apartments in Basel. You can look for it yourself or hire a moving or real estate company. 

A real estate agent can be the optimal way for you to find a place to live, especially if this is your first time in the area. Talking to a local person who is familiar with the cost of living and the lifestyle will help haste your search. 

If you’re migrating, it will be best to seek temporary apartments before looking for a home you can call yours. Most swiss apartments are businesses owned, and you can only see them by appointment. That is because many have strict rules about when visitors are allowed.

Once you’ve found a good apartment, you need to complete a formal application and give it to the management company. They may ask for the folwing basic information:

  • License
  • Employment Contract
  • Salary History
  • References 
  • Other Papers 

It’s important to remember that getting your rental application approved will be much easier if you have a job or a permit.

Healthcare In Basel

Basel’s healthcare is top-notch. There are hospitals with many pharmacists and doctors in both the suburbs and the city center. Because of this, you can choose your own doctor in the city.

In Switzerland, people pay for their medical care, and you must get health insurance within the first three months of your stay. Those with cross-border work permits don’t have to pay. 

Don’t let the payments bother you. Several health insurance companies offer great extra features and benefits. So, it’s best to pick an insurance company early, show them your passport and driver’s license, and then wait.

Communication Barrier In Basel

Most people in the city speak four languages: French, Italian, German, and English. Even people who speak German don’t always get Swiss German.

Moreover, even if you know the basics of the language, you might still need help talking to people there. If you want to stay there for good, you should master the language.

Swiss business depends on the ability to speak Swiss languages. If you want to move up in a Swiss company, you need to be able to talk about the language and dialect fluently.

Meaningful & Worthwhile Activities In Basel

Basel has many fun things every year, so you’ll never be bored. There are many examples, such as:


In the summer, many people swim in the river in Basel. There are also many pools outside in the city


Many people in Basel run along the river or in the tiny forests in the city. You can join running clubs with special training; anyone is welcome to join these clubs.


In Basel, it’s easy to get out into nature. Walking a few kilometers from the city center, you’ll be in the woods, fields, or a village. Or you can take a train or tram to the edge of Basel, where you can start your hike.


You might be surprised to learn that Switzerland loves horses. You’ll see many people riding horses if you run or hike in Basel’s forests. Many farms with horses offer rides through the villages and forests.


Football is top-rated in Basel. There are a lot of small and large football stadiums in Basel, so it will be a cinch for you to join and play football with your pals.

Nightlife & Festivals

Several exciting events happen throughout the year if you are seeking an adventure with your family in Basel.


During Christmas, little houses and markets are set up all over the city, making it look like a scene from a fairy tale.


It is a 72-hour UNESCO festival in February or March. It is an event full of people wearing different masks playing flutes and other instruments as they march through the city.

Worth It Swiss Living

Indeed, Basel is an excellent place for both short trips and long-term living. Your money and time investments trying to learn will always be well-spent. Never miss out! Enjoy your time in Basel, where you can live well.

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