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What Is TikTok? Why It Is One Of The Most Popular Applications Today?

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Since TikTok was introduced, it has gained huge popularity due to its short video features. Most people love watching short videos, around 10 to 15 seconds because it does not consume their time. However, this application was something else before it became TikTok. Initially, it was known as musically, and it was not even popular when it was musically.

A decent amount of people used this application in its initial stages for making funny videos like dubbing, dancing, musical effect, magical effects, lip syncing and many more types of videos. Due to short and funny videos, people started making videos and different content to showcase their talent in every field, 

TikTok strategy statistics you must know in 2022

  • In a report of January 2022, TikTok has recorded over 3 billion downloads on the play store and App Store. 
  • It was also reported as one of the most used applications globally in 2020 and 2021
  • Around 60 to 70 % of TikTok users are between the age of 16 to 25
  • It has been used now in 150 countries even though it is banned in some countries
  • The average usage of this application is 52 to 60 minutes per day by a single user
  • Byte dance is the real owner of this application, and the value of the application is very 140 billion.
  • Only in the United States of America around 80 billion users are active monthly; 60 % are female, and 40 % are male.

Who invented TikTok?

In 2014 a social media application known as musically was created and gained decent popularity among the age group of 13 to 18. The primary purpose of this application was to combine popular songs with videos that users can make by effects on musically. In addition, many users can also make videos related to lip-syncing and dancing. However, when it musically crossed over 200 million users in the year 2016, the developer of this application decided to make it better. 

So, they decided to change it to TikTok and provide various options for making videos. The company was an individual company that was owned by byte dance for 800 million in 2017. It became a huge banger in the market, and people started using TikTok so much and earning a decent amount of money from this platform. Due to the rise in competition, some TikTok even buy TikTok likes to show their popularity among other content creators.

Who uses TikTok?

TikTok was a local application developed in China, and it was named by Douyin, The developer of this application. In the initial stages of this application, they have a fanbase of 250 milllion users worldwide. However, now around 80 % of users are located outside of China. It is because young people like to create content on this platform to make themselves popular over the Internet. 

The average users of this video application are from schools or colleges because they are often free to make content and show their talent worldwide if they have something extra in their minds.

Short-form video entertainment

When you open TikTok, there are many kinds of professional videos that greet you. Mostly the videos are of comedy or something that is known as TikTok challenges. However, some people uniquely represent themselves by sharing highly informative things in a few seconds. TikTok allows the user to create content for one minute, but most create only for 10 to 15 seconds.

One of the most famous examples of short video motivation or learning things comes from the 5-minute craft channel. This channel makes crafts and teaches others how to make them in their 10 to 15 seconds of video, which is highly informative and entertaining for many users. So without wasting any time, users can easily watch something useful.

What’s the point of TikTok?

There are many advantages of using TikTok, and some of them are as follows

  1. Provides you a chance – This platform can be a chance for many users to showcase their talent if they cannot find any other platform. You can gain instant popularity on this platform by making videos or content you like.
  2. Money – While making a video, you can also earn money that can be helpful for your living because this application provides you with a considerable amount of money, enough likes, and views on your video. 

These were a few things about TikTok and what made it famous. This application has many brand endorsements, and many big celebrities today use TikTok as their entertainment source. People can make a good living while making videos without working for hours. Many people also buy TikTok video likes because of the high competition among users. It is a completely wrong approach for users.

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