What is the need for PAT Testing in Offices?

Electric appliances begin perfectly secure, but usage can degrade to a level where there is a threat of an electric shock or a fire. Just as normal MOT checks make sure the security of autos on the road, Portable Appliance Testing (or PAT to make use of the preferred phrase) ensures that electric appliances continue to be safe to make use of.

Prima facie, PAT Testing looks rather technical and expensive, and as a result, several firms either agree with this aspect of Health and wellness & Security or ignore it entirely. Nonetheless, a correct understanding of the requirements can bring about a more secure workplace.

If testing is performed “internal”, a substantial conserving in cost can be understood. This article intends to offer the visitor an understanding of PAT Testing and also the background to it.


Portable device testing or PAT Testing seems to have an aura of the “witchcrafts” concerning it. Consequently, a lot of firms either ignore it altogether or sub-contract this aspect of Health and wellness & Safety application. Nevertheless, a proper understanding of the needs can lead to a more secure workplace, and also if internal testing is accomplished a substantial saving in cost. This post intends to offer the visitor a full understanding of PAT Testing as well as the background to it.

Design of electrical home appliances

If appliances that use keys power ought to establish a mistake the effects to the individual can be lethal. In the design of electric home appliances steps are required to avoid this. It is always feasible for appliances to become malfunctioning. Nonetheless, the design preventative measures taken are such that a solitary fault will not result in any kind of risk to the customer.

On devices that have big areas of revealed steel, claim a PC or an electric fire, this metal is linked to the Earth pin of the keys plug. The idea is that if high voltages must develop within the PC because of a single mistake, this cannot reach the user, as the entire system is enclosed in a “secure” earthed situation. This type of securities is called Course I.

The various other methods of supplying protection are by the use of 2 different layers of insulation. If a single fault resulted in the first layer of insulation being breached, after that the second layer of security is still offered. This method is made use of in portable appliances such as drills as well as hair dryers as well as is typically referred to as Course II.

Class II home appliances are naturally risk-free and require less regular testing. They are constantly shown by the “double box” sign.

PAT Testing Rules

The European Low Voltage Directive regulates the manufacture or importation of electric appliances. Compliance with this has to be declared and also indicated by the display screen of the CE mark on the item. The obligation for this lies with the supplier or the importer as well as is policed by the Trading Standards.

Nonetheless, like vehicles, it is necessary to have a maintenance program for electrical appliances. The Electrical Power at Work Regulations (1989) needs that electrical home appliances be maintained to ensure that they stay secure throughout usage. The application of this depends on the companies. The HSE or the local authority is responsible for the policing of this.

Planning your PAT Testing

The initial step is to make a supply of all the electric home appliances. For each item, one needs to work out the frequency of the maintenance checks, based upon the approach of protection (i.e. Course I or II), the degree of mobility as well as the environment it is used in.

For example, devices that are handheld whilst in use, such as hair-dryers need to be checked extra frequently than a PC display that is relocated seldom. An electrical fire in a factory needs to be checked more regularly than one utilized in an office.

It is essential to prepare a Test Record for each device. As the upkeep program is performed, results and remarks can be taped below. This can be very useful evidence if there is an event worrying an appliance as well as a settlement claim is made.

On completing the upkeep, the home appliance has to be classified. This needs to indicate the date that testing has occurred and the date after which the home appliance needs to not be utilized. Equipment that stops working must be eliminated from use and also significant properly.

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