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What does hair toner do

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What does hair toner do

Hair toner is a specialized hair care product formulated to adjust or modify the color of your hair. Primarily used after bleaching or lightening hair, it corrects or enhances the desired hair color. Toning your hair can be a crucial step in achieving your desired color, significantly when eliminating unwanted brassiness. 

The toner neutralizes any yellow or orange tones in your hair, resulting in an even and natural-looking hair color. Add the product to your hair care regimen and flaunt your flawless, vibrant, and refreshing hair color.  But first, let’s understand what a hair toner is.

What is a hair toner?

A hair toner is categorized as a semi-permanent hair color product, often used to counteract unwanted undertones, such as yellow or brassy hues. This product typically comes in colored liquid or cream form, ready for application on damp hair and left on for a specific time before rinsing it off.

The primary purpose of hair toners is to neutralize or enhance certain color tones in the hair, resulting in a more balanced and pleasing hue. Hair toners are available in various shades, and their effectiveness can depend on factors such as the hair condition, the initial hair color, and the desired result. Overall, a hair toner effectively achieves a  refined look for your hair.

Types of hair toners-

1- Purple/Silver toner- These are often used for blonde or gray hair to eliminate yellow or brassy undertones, creating a cooler, ashy look.

2- Blue toner- These toners neutralize orange or copper tones in the hair, which are common issues after lightening dark hair.

3- Green toner- They counteract red undertones in the hair. It is most suitable for people with dark brown or black hair.

4- Clear toner- These hair toners don’t add color but are used to add shine and improve the overall condition of the hair.

5- Permanent or semi-permanent toner- Toning products can be permanent or semi-permanent. Permanent toners offer long-lasting results, while semi-permanent toners gradually fade away with time.

How does hair toner work?

To understand how hair toners work, it is vital to grasp the concept of the color wheel. The color wheel is a tool that helps us identify complementary colors and their opposites. In hair toning, the color wheel neutralizes unwanted undertones in the hair. For example, if you have blonde hair that appears too yellow, a purple toner can be applied because purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel. This purple toner will counteract the yellow undertones, leaving you with a cooler, more natural blonde shade.

Hair toners can be divided into two categories: warm and cool tones. Warm tones enhance or intensify warm shades, such as red or orange. On the other hand, cool toners are used to neutralize or counteract unwanted warm tones like yellow or brassy shades. By choosing the appropriate toner based on the color wheel, you can achieve the desired hair color.

To achieve a profoundly balanced and beautiful hair color, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the color wheel and how it works. This knowledge will help in selecting the right toner type and application instructions. By following the application instructions and using the right toner type, you can achieve the perfect look you desire.

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