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What Do After B.Tech? Top Career Options After Engineering in 2022

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B.Tech is one of the top popular and trending graduation courses out there as many students want to become good engineers that can easily work in the corporate sector. The world is full of opportunities and students often confuse what to choose next after completing a degree in engineering (B.Tech or B.E). If you have successfully completed your B.Tech from a recognized institution, then you can easily choose from infinite career options and life paths for your bright future ahead. In this article, you will know the top career opportunities after a B.Tech degree course. You can compare your course and university with others for choosing the best for you as College Vidya provides a compatible platform that offers a great feature to compare your desired courses and institution.

There are too many options to explore after B.Tech like a master’s degree or some other jobs. 

Job Opportunities After B.Tech Degree Program 

Pursue a Master’s Degree

After completing a bachelor of technology in your desired specialization, it will be better to pursue a master’s degree in the same field as it will give you enough in-depth knowledge related to the specialization you have selected. Also, it opens a new door to opportunities that are reserved for master’s degree candidates. Thinking of a post-graduation program after the Online BTech degree course excels the skill of the candidate as per their expertise with enhanced knowledge. It will help you get senior-level jobs through which you can easily earn a higher salary. You can choose any specialization from the following options:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Software engineering 
  • Power System engineering
  • Thermal engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Machine design and engineering
  • Computer science engineering 

If you want to apply for an M.Tech degree course, you must have a valid score for the same. You need to appear for an entrance test for admission to the college you want. Check the colleges and compare them on the College Vidya web portal. You need to appear for GATE and other university-specialized tests. 

Start your own business venture

Many students who complete engineering degrees, choose to start their own business right after college. In case you have a creative mind and an idea for a service or product with a passion to do something, then you can easily consider starting your own business. 

Setting a new business venture and startup sometimes needs lots of research, planning, funding and execution of documentation etc with legal subjects. If your idea has a robust potential to stand as a business on the basis of the skills you have learnt in engineering, then it will be good to start your business with available funds. It will give you a perfect platform to grow. 

Get Your Hands in Professional Certifications

Certification programs are becoming a trending option for upskilling professionalism and developing career competencies through hidden talents. There are various types of professional courses available in the market like short or long-term courses. A general certificate course may take some time that ranges from six months to one year. After completing the course, you will get professional skills through which you can get entry-level jobs in the particular industry with which your certificate course is associated. 

Some of the top certificate courses available after B.Tech:

  • Certificate in Data Science
  • Certificate in Advanced Digital Marketing
  • Certificate in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Certificate in Construction Management 
  • Certificate in Advanced Cloud Computing Technology 

Get Admission to MBA

A Master of Business Administration is one of the top career options after a BTech or engineering degree. Candidates can easily register or enrol themselves on an MBA degree course as it enhances their professionalism of the candidate. Students can easily get admission to a particular discipline like MBA in HR management, MBA in Operations Management, MBA in IT management, MBA in Marketing Management, and MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics Management. The course prepares the candidates for various business opportunities in the corporate sector. Students can easily become good professionals after B.Tech through an MBA degree course. The course helps the candidates to embark on a journey that gives multiple benefits in the form of professionalism with top in a class salary package. After completing an MBA in a particular specialization, a candidate can easily work in small to big organizations. The course opens the door for multinational companies as most companies want to hire good professionals. 

Go for Government Jobs

Nowadays, government jobs are in demand these days because, in the engineering department of government organizations, B.Tech is the basic need and candidates can easily go for the same. There are many vacancies in the government sector where you can achieve one seat after completing your BTech degree. However, it takes a lot of preparation for getting a seat in a ministry, but after complete dedication, you can easily grab the one that suits your desire. 

Data Science Professional

The field of Data Science is increasing day by day because every organization needs a skilled professional to manage various data sets through the complete execution of the projects. Data Science professionals are used to extract valuable insights from raw forms of data to give perfect growth to an organization. Candidates are trained through the course in Data Science and the salary package is also good in this profession. This skill is one of the most demanding in the industry. The Data Scientists used to learn various machine learning algorithms, statistics, mathematics, and data science management. They need to coordinate with various departments of the organization to execute things better in a very planned manner. After completing a course in Data Science, you can easily grab various jobs in this sector like Data Analyst, Data manager, Data Administrator etc. 

These professionals need to analyze various data forms from raw information through machine learning models after developing software products. They will also learn how to communicate with other people, clients and customers to make things better in this field for perfect growth. Read more

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