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What are the Top Tips to Keep Away Pests from Your Home?

by Oscar Leo
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Last modified on September 30th, 2022 at 6:06 am

Pests, including cockroaches, spiders, ants, and termites, not only cause damage to your property but can spread diseases. Calling pest control is the best way to get rid of these pests. But, before hiring pest control services, try these top 10 pest control tips and tactics to keep pests away and your home clean and disease-free.


1. Keep the kitchen clean

Pests want a dirty, moist environment. Keep the kitchen’s worktops, racks, stovetops, and drawers clean to prevent a pest invasion. Regularly clean them with a disinfectant. Additionally, if food scraps are left out in the open, they will draw more insects.

This pest control strategy can undoubtedly reduce the number of pests in your home, even though the pest infestation problem may not be solved. Cleaning up after pest control is crucial for preventing an infestation in your home soon.


2. Keep the bathroom clean

The majority of apartment pest management advice excludes bathroom pest control advice. However, bathrooms must adhere to the rule mentioned above as well. Keep your bathrooms dry and spotless. Every other day, clean the pot using a toilet cleaner.

Use a strong bathroom cleaner to scrub the sink at least once weekly. Keep the shower curtain clean and moss-free. Ensure the drain is always covered and free of debris such as hair and soap. With these simple steps, the restroom will remain clean and pest-free for a more extended period.


3. Do not allow water to stand

In stagnant water, pests like mosquitoes can reproduce. To prevent mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and malaria, tidy the area around your home and ensure the drains that flow outside are cleansed.

Keep the buckets in your bathroom dry when not in use. The same is true of kitchen tools. Do not store a container under an air conditioner that removes water to collect it. Instead, consider alternatives like a pipe to get the water out as soon as it arrives. Or you might daily empty and wash the vessel.

Ensure there is no standing water inside or around your home. If you’re wondering how to handle pest control at home on your own, you can use a few simple DIY methods.

4. Don’t keep fruits and vegetables out for long

Overripe fruits and vegetables draw flies and other insects. Therefore, cut and ripe fruits shouldn’t be left out of the refrigerator for an extended period. While certain pests, like fruit flies, are benign, decaying, overripe fruits can also draw more dangerous problems, such as house flies, ants, and difficult-to-get-rid-of cockroaches.


5. Dispose of garbage regularly

The key is garbage disposal, and we frequently worry about how to clean the kitchen after the pest treatment. Garbage disposal ought to take place every day. Rat, rodent, and cockroach infestation can result from rubbish buildup. When you discover remnants of bad food all over the house, the situation becomes worse. If you have dogs and young children in the house, this could spread infections.


6. Maintain your garden

Fill in any holes or pits where water may collect if you have a lawn or garden. Regularly clean any ponds or water features you may have in your garden. Additionally, trim the plants frequently to prevent wild, bushy growths. Maintain your garden, keep it tidy, and keep out pesky pests like ants, rats, and mosquitoes.


 7.  Keep items of external use outside

If you have a lawn or a kitchen garden, you probably have furniture, footwear, buckets, and other items designed expressly for gardening. Keep these items outside and avoid using them indoors before thoroughly cleaning them.

This is due to the possibility that bringing them inside may also unintentionally get many bugs inside. The same holds for toys like battery-powered bikes, automobiles, and other items your children may use outside. Keep them locked in the garage or any additional outdoor space, and instruct your children not to bring them inside.


8. Fix nets on windows

Install nets on your windows to keep out insects, including house flies, mosquitoes, spiders, and giant cockroaches. In addition to improving ventilation, these nets will also deter pests from entering.

This is a relatively efficient method of preventing bugs from entering your home. Repair any cracked glass or window panes to stop insects from getting inside as soon as possible. To increase the effectiveness of your precautions, check each door in the house separately and make any necessary repairs.


9. Dispose of things you don’t need

Organizing your home is a crucial bug control strategy. Get rid of any unwanted boxes that are collecting dust in your home or any toys that your kids have outgrown. These objects merely act as breeding grounds for bacteria and insects.

Old baby strollers, shoes, packaging materials, plastic bags, worn-out baggage, etc., can all be sold or thrown away. Should you be having a problem deciding whether to keep something or toss it out? If the response is “no,” it’s time to discard the item!

10. Contact a professional pest control service

Even while the steps mentioned above can lessen the number of bugs in your home, you cannot eliminate pests without a professional’s assistance. A trusted residential pest control service can assist you in getting rid of these dangerous pests.

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