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What are the GPA requirements for applying to Singapore universities?

by Abdus Subhan
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To apply for a Singapore university, in addition to submitting academic and language scores, many universities also require students to provide GPA scores. So what is GPA? What are the specific requirements for GPA in Singapore universities?

1. What is GPA?

GPA is the Grade Point Average, which usually refers to the average credit score.

The most commonly used GPA calculation formula (weighted algorithm): GPA=(Course 1 grade *Course 1 credit+Course 2 grade*Course 2 credit+Course 3 grade*Course 3 credit+…)/Total credits.

Arithmetic average score of the percentile system: add up the scores of all subjects and divide by the number of subjects;

Percentage weighted average score: the score of each course is multiplied by the corresponding credits of the subject, added, and then divided by the average of the total credits;

Grade point average: the sum of the credits of each course multiplied by the corresponding grade points divided by the total credits, that is, the sum of the credits and grades divided by the total credits.

2. Singapore GPA conversion

Singapore schools do not have a unified GPA calculation method.

Singapore directly uses the standards of the applicant’s school for evaluation, mainly based on the average score or average grade point of the 100-point system, and also refers to the scoring system, so different scoring standards are also different when applying. For example:

Applicant A’s weighted average score is 85 points, and the school’s scoring standard is 80 points as good;

Applicant B’s weighted average score is also 85 points, but the school’s scoring standard is 85 points for good.

In conclusion:

Singapore schools generally think that application A is better than application B, because B has just reached the “good” level, and A has exceeded “good” by a large margin.

If your absolute undergraduate grades are not high, but this is caused by the strict scoring system of your school, then you can issue a ranking certificate to prove your grades.

For example, if applicant B provides proof that he is ranked first, then the universities in Singapore will consider the grade of B to be relatively more valuable.

3. GPA requirements of different schools

If your GPA is 1.8, you can try to apply for private universities in Singapore; if your GPA is 2.5-3, you can try to apply for a better private school; but if your GPA is 3.5 points or above, you can try to apply to public schools such as Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore.

If the absolute score of the undergraduate course is not high, but this is caused by the strict scoring system of the school, you can issue a ranking certificate to prove your score. Here is how:

In the transcript or recommendation letter and study plan, it is stated that this GPA is actually caused by very strict scoring standards;

When providing the transcript, list the rank and percentage of such grades in the whole class or department.

GPA is an important requirement for applying to universities in Singapore, so before applying to institutions in Singapore, be sure to understand the GPA and GPA requirements of Singapore universities. If you need to learn more about studying in Singapore, please go to There are the information you want.

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