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What are Moroccan rugs?

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Last modified on December 14th, 2022 at 10:33 am

What are Moroccan rugs

Moroccan Rugs and Berber carpets 

What do you think when you imagine a Moroccan rug or a Berber carpet ? Probably a luxury piece of wool or some other similar material lying on the floor or hanging on the wall.  

Well, there is only a single type of rug that is different, and that is Moroccan rugs. They are wooden and warmed up with culture and tradition, with the beauty of the people around and with delicacy and skill.  

Want to know all about them? Let’s dig in!  

What exactly are they- the features? 

There have to be some components of these rugs that differentiate them from the standard rugs or carpets; well, there are plenty of them.  

These Moroccan rugs are two kinds, one very thin, and the other one relatively thicker and warmer; people used both of them for different purposes and areas.  

They are handmade by women, firstly, they made it just for their households, but now they are a vintage trend around the world. 

  • They have very distinctive patterns as compared to other carpets. 
  • The weaving designs are all very unique and beautiful, weaves, loops, knots, and patterns. 
  • Most of the time, a tie-dye kind of pattern is used to ink the carpets. 
  • Moroccan rugs are mostly a deep red or maroon. 
  • The rugs represent different types of rugs because sure rugs we’re originated for each other tribe. 
  • They are designed in geometric or sometimes abstract designs. 

Benefits of having a Moroccan rug in your house: 

Luxury and vintage

This is something that every other household is aiming for when it comes to home décor. Moroccan rugs look trendy and casual at the same time; they sit perfectly in all surroundings.  

These carpets or rugs originate in the cold mountains of Morocco; they are perfect if you live in a slightly colder area.  

 They are robust

The construction of these rugs, the ways used to date back to the olden times, making them durable and robust to withstand any damage, sent them to war, they would come back with the same strong fibers.  

Perfect for your child’s nursery. 

These rugs are so cozy; you could sit or sleep on it. They are ideal for a nursery surrounding; your baby would feel completely comfortable and pleasant when sitting on it. Also, your baby should have a comfortable space to move around and exercise his muscles.  

Beautiful colors and patterns. 

The rugs are available in beautiful and vibrant colors and designs. You could get these rugs for all surroundings and settings for your room, living room, kitchen floor, wherever you think you need a carpet.  

Final verdict. 

Are you confused about whether you should get a Moroccan rug or not? Maybe it’s too over the top, or perhaps it would look too vintage or old, right?  

This read above would help you clear out all your thoughts about Moroccan rugs, so what are you waiting for? Get yourself one! It will surely add value to your home and living place.

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