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T-shirt printing – the perfect gift for another birthday or significant event approaching, and you are looking for a cool way to express your love to family or friends? If you too are tired of the classic gifts and you are looking for an original and special gift that everyone will love – we have the solution for you, and we call it: printing on t-shirts. The printed shirts allow you to create a gift with a personal design, since you are the ones who design it and choose the print and caption, which makes the process more meaningful and the gift more valuable.

T-shirt printing on t-shirts at all?

There are several reasons to print on t- shirts, T  shirt nurse for a business, there is no business today that does not print on t-shirts, after all t-shirts have become the biggest publicity of the business, the employees who advertise the business while walking down the street, or physically working somewhere are ambassadors of your business!

T-shirts for schools, from uniforms, printing on t-shirts for an annual trip, or just fun days, students love to print on t-shirts because it is a cool souvenir that is kept for years and reminds of forgotten and experiences, after all experiences we remember mostly through tangible things that remind us of our experiences!

Prints for youth movements, youth movements print for almost every trip they go on, the shirts are also kept until they become adults and remind each trip they went on, usually the trip is also characterized by a specific drawing printed on the back of the shirt – it is engraved!

T-shirts for events, wedding shirts for example, today at almost every wedding it is customary to print on wedding shirts funny prints that accompany the guests and make everyone laugh.

T-shirt printing ideas

Have you found yourself again looking for t-shirt printing ideas as a gift for someone close to you?
We have collected for you the coolest ideas in the field of printing on t-shirts customized to the profession or hobbies of the gift recipient.

After you read the following article – you will be stocked with ideas for printing on t-shirts, for the next birthdays of most of your friends, acquaintances and family members. (By the way, most of them are funny to read just for fun!)

For doctors and pharmacists

Looking for a gift to sell a doctor, pharmacist or someone who is studying medicine, biology or anything related to the anatomy of the human body? You can try some ideas for printedT shirt for doctors that he will die for and will be happy to receive on his next birthday.

There are lots of websites that do not print professionally on shirts but print in a method called transfer, this method is very nice when printed on a white shirt (limited to white fabrics) but what happens after washing? After washing this printing method is not worth anything and in fact the printing is smeared fading or peeling so it is important to choose a business that is average in printing methods and knows how to suit the customer the right method, this method is suitable for printing on wedding shirts that are disposable and no more.

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