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Ways To Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

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Android to iPhone

You may choose to switch to another device because your current phone is malfunctioning, or perhaps you simply want to upgrade. Whatever the reason, this article sheds light on instances where you need to transfer whatsapp from android to iphone.

First, you should know Android and iPhone have different operating systems. One needs proper transfer tools since transferring the app directly is still unofficial. Keep reading to unveil the ideal strategies to fulfill your whatsapp android to iphone transfer quest.

Scenarios for Transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

Two primary scenarios come into play to restore whatsapp from android to iphone:

Switch from Samsung/Android to iPhone

Now, switching is less of a hassle for users to transfer whatsapp messages from android to iphone using google drive. It might still be a problem if you don’t know how to migrate your WhatsApp across the devices with every information intact. In essence, downgrading to Android is more straightforward than upgrading to iOS- although the latter is not impossible.

WhatsApp is looking to have an easy and faster transfer option. But until then, you can leverage other tools focusing heavily on your transfer needs. There is still no official information on how to transfer whatsapp data from android to iphone with the app’s features, but stable and convenient strategies are needed. It all runs down to ensuring your data is moved safely from Android to iPhone.

View WhatsApp Messages on iOS

You don’t have to lose WhatsApp chats when upgrading your smartphone to iOS. You could use Google Drive, except it only works from Android to Android or from iOS to iOS. While the app limits its functionality to phones with similar operating systems, there’s a way to transfer whatsapp messages from android to iphone.

Ways to Transfer Your WhatsApp From Android to iPhone

The lack of knowledge on how to transfer whatsapp from android to iphone and the ideal backup options makes the quest cumbersome. Before getting started on essential transfer tools and how to transfer whatsapp messages from android to iphone, you need to consider some important reality. You can’t use your phone number or SIM card to move WhatsApp data from Android to iOS. Google Drive and iCloud backup work for the source and target devices with the same operating systems.

It is worth noting that the “Change Number” option on your WhatsApp only lets you change the number you used to register your account. When you switch your SIM card from Android to iOS device, you won’t get a notification to restore local backup on your new phone.

In other words, WhatsApp’s primary drawback is lacking a direct transfer feature. This article compiles a few tools to show you how to restore whatsapp backup from android to iPhone:

Dr. Fone- WhatsApp Transfer

Dr. Fone is one of Wondershare’s great tools for transferring WhatsApp data from Android devices to iPhones. Users enjoy a user-friendly interface to move whatsapp from android to iphone and conversation threads seamlessly. Firstly, you need to download and install Dr. Fone- WhatsApp Transfer on your PC to begin the migration process.

Then, you’ll need to back up your WhatsApp files on your desktop using Dr. Fone- WhatsApp Transfer, and restore your photos, contacts, chat threads, documents, and bookmarks on your iPhone. But in pricing matters, Dr. Fone is not part of WhatsApp, Android, or iOS packages. The data transfer tool comes with a relative cost requiring users to purchase a minimum plan or premium according to individual transfer needs.

Email Chat

Email Chat moves WhatsApp data from Android to iOS but takes time because you have to select chats one after another. The overall process is relatively straightforward with a few attached drawbacks. For instance, email transfers stay on email inbox, meaning you can’t access them on your WhatsApp application. Once you’ve migrated them, they appear as attached “txt” files. Email supports up to 10,000 WhatsApp conversations and their subsequent attachments, and 40,000 plain text threads. 

MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer

  • Quick and easy WhatsApp transfer from Android to iOS.
  • It restores whatsapp backup from android to iphone, i.e., chats, contacts, bookmarks, videos, and photos.
  • Backup your data before transfer
  • Migrate WhatsApp texts from computer to HTML or PDF formats.

You can explore multiple options on how to transfer whatsapp chats from android to iphone, including MobileTrans- WhatsApp Transfer. The tool also helps users manage several social media apps and their corresponding data with one click. MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer is also functional with most Android and iOS smartphones. You won’t have to worry about compatibility issues to transfer whatsapp from android to iphone free.

How to Use MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer Tool

Use these simple steps to move WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone:

  1. Download, install and launch MobileTrans on your computer.
  1. Tap ‘WhatsApp Transfer,’ then ‘Backup WhatsApp Messages’.
  1. Connect your phone with your PC using a USB cable to detect and migrate whatsapp from android to iphone.
  1. Click “Start” to backup WhatsApp to your computer. The process will also delete existing WhatsApp data on the target device. Lastly, run the WhatsApp app on your iPhone to automatically detect and restore backup files and transfer whatsapp chats from android to iphone.


Transferring WhatsApp from Android to your iPhone should not be a daunting task. The ideal guide on how to transfer whatsapp chat from android to iphone makes it less arduous. Hopefully, a solution will come up to facilitate the direct migration of WhatsApp chat history across iOS and Android. For now, the whatsapp android to ios solutions discussed above are significantly beneficial. You can consider MobileTrans/ Dr.Fone-WhatsApp Transfer as your stepping stone into better chat history migration. The two software do a lot more for free to restore backup data when switching from Android to iPhone.

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