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How Canada Is the Best Seller for Cannabis? 

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Cannabis retail in Canada is fast cementing its position as one of the most profitable cannabis markets in the world.  Canada has been registering growth in the Cannabis business despite other countries recording low sales.  

The success in cannabis sales is widely attributed to various factors, such as the legal environment with fewer restrictions on cannabis use. Unlike the US, Canada was among the first countries in North America to embrace medical uses of cannabis. The Canadian government has played a significant role in boosting the sales of cannabis in the country. Today, the country is one of the leading areas in cannabis sales globally.

Marijuana laws in Canada 

The marijuana laws in Canada play a significant role in boosting the nation’s cannabis revenue. These laws in states like Alberta allow those of age 18 and above to purchase marijuana for recreational use. One can possess up to 30 grams of dried marijuana, and in most states, the legal age for buying marijuana is 19, except in Quebec, where the legal age is 21.  

Most states allow households to plant marijuana up to four plants per household. However, in Quebec, homemade marijuana is not permitted, but homes have a maximum limit to possess 150 grams of marijuana at any time.  

These laws have facilitated the increase in online cannabis sales by organizations such as Kush station online Canada. The rules boost cannabis sales since many have the freedom to get marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes. Restriction of marijuana penalties has also increased the public use of cannabis; however, Canadians are banned from crossing the border with cannabis. You can cross from state to state but not to another country, even if marijuana is allowed there. top grade weed hash online in canada 

Market Revenue 

Marijuana got legalized in 2018, and since then, the market has developed exponentially. As of the legalization period, Canada had over 15 publicly traded cannabis companies, and the private companies were over 23. Armed with the technology, ready market, and favorable legal environment, these companies have facilitated the growth and sales of cannabis in Canada.  

They are responsible for some of the leading strains and cannabis products in stores today. Furthermore, locations such as Alberta, Ontario are the leading in cannabis sales, and in 2021, recreational cannabis totaled revenue of CA $2.6 billion. 

Leading cannabis companies in Canada 

As of 2020, Ontario had 330 cannabis stores, while Alberta had 530 legalized stores. These stores are owned by the leading number of cannabis companies in the country. Here are the top five largest producers of medical marijuana in Canada in 2021. You can also get large amounts of weed hashh online in canada . 

  • Apharia. Inc:  Market cap -CA$7.2 billion and a revenue of CA $601.3 million.  
  • Canopy Growth Corp: Market cap of CA$ 15.4 billion and market revenue of CA$ 506.1 million. 
  • Aurora Cannabis Inc: Market cap of CA$ 2.3 billion and a revenue of $283.1million 
  • Village Firms International Inc: Market cap of CA$ 1.4 billion and revenue of CA$ 228 million 
  • Tilray Inc: Market cap of CA$ 3.8 billion and revenue of $ 210.5 million 

These companies Heavily invest in various cannabis technologies related to growing, processing, and distributing cannabis. Their total output makes Canada one of the leading locations in cannabis production and sales. 

The companies ensure cannabis is widely available; hence the locals do not face price challenges due to undersupply. They have also invested in medical cannabis to help improve the health conditions of the locals. Canada embraces the medicinal value of cannabis; hence more laboratories have the freedom to conduct experiments on the therapeutic value of the product.  

Cannabis brands available in Canada 

The cannabis industry in Canada is getting a lot of private sector funding to boost cannabis sales, production, and usage. This availability of funds enables the top companies in the country to focus on developing different brands for the market.  

Canada has various cannabis strains available for consumers, and the nation contributes to some of the largest selling cannabis brands in Canada and on the global market. The five most common strains include 

  • Redecan – White Shark 
  • Emblem – Symbol- Solar power 
  • Redecan – God Bud 
  • Aurora- San Rafael – Tangerine dream 
  • Redecan – BFC 

Comparing Canadian to the US cannabis market 

Many analysts have described the Canadian cannabis market as minuscule when compared to the US.  However, these analyses seem too soon, and quick hence do not reflect the true future of the Canadian market. The Canadian cannabis market is compelling and is likely to challenge some of the leading markets today. 

The US market is more significant, but major hurdles are facing it, such as legal issues. Most states in the US still ban cannabis, and marijuana is still considered illegal at the federal level. This is not the case with Canada since the product got fully legalized.  

The US also beats Canada in sales due to the population. However, Canada is currently increasing its Cannabis exports and is one of the major suppliers of Cannabis in the United States. As more Canadians learn about the medicinal value of cannabis, the market will grow to meet the rising demand.  

Bottom Line 

The cannabis market in Canada remains profitable due to the laws related to the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana. These laws have facilitated the increase in cannabis companies that have developed technologies to improve cannabis cultivation, processing, and usage. The laws have also encouraged the medical use and application of marijuana, increasing the cannabis markets. This industry will likely grow exponentially and compete with nations like the USA that currently leads in cannabis sales and revenues. 

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