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Ways to Decorate Your T-shirts

by Abdus Subhan
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Decorating clothing has become a big thing now with options to put logos, images, text and such on various things like jerseys, jackets, shirts, t-shirts and more. There are many ways you can use Singapore shirt printing to decorate garments of your choice, you are not just limited to choosing the fabric of your choice and the color but also details such as images, photos, logos, embroidery, text and such. Here is a look at some of the popular options for decorating t-shirts or other garments.


You can do this one at home or you can send to a professional printer that offers this type of custom tshirt printing. Using heat and some pressure (at home that is an iron) you print the images you want onto heat transfer paper and then press it onto the garment. When you do it yourself at home you get so so results, sometimes it peels and cracks. With professional transfer printing the results last longer but they are still prone to wear sooner than other printing methods. You can use any image or text and can really make a statement with how you decorate your tshirt or whatever you are printing onto.

Screen printing 

When it comes to custom tshirt printing in larger quantities you would want to consider screen printing. You can choose material and type of shirts and get savings on bulk orders even. When you choose screen printing though you should be keeping your decoration, images and such simple, and those designs should be just a handful of colors. With this option the ink is on top of the material and you can feel the decoration but is not as obvious or as uncomfortable as heat transfers feel.


This is an option when you choose a printing method or you might just choose embroidery and no printing at all. You pay per stitch so unless money is no issue you would keep a stitched decoration on the smaller side. You could have a name or phrase stitched on, a pattern, a simple logo or something else important to you.


This is also known as direct to garment printing or digital printing where a printer is used but it prints onto garments not paper. It is the most modern option for Singapore shirt printing and is more expensive than the other options so you might choose to order fewer shirts. However you can print very high quality pictures to decorate the shirt, even use photos. You do not need to limit color either. There were some limits with only being able to print onto a white shirt but developments in ink are changing this.


When you are looking to decorate shirts or any other garments or materials you have a number of options. Different printing methods as well as embroidery are the popular options but you could even have some hands on fun as well when they come back if you want to continue to make something special.

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