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Nothing would answer the concerns of your patient more than a perfect demonstration of the procedure. Or a person speaking to them. 

Though blogs contain a lot of information, they are not enough to paint a picture in the mind of your reader, who wants to know about his health. 

That’s what makes video marketing in healthcare so relevant. Not only are videos a powerful tool to connect with patients and prospects, but it builds trust, and convinces them to take action. 

However, since video marketing for doctors is not really popular, this blog will serve as an in-depth guide to video marketing in healthcare. 

In this blog you’ll discover;

  • What makes video marketing so unique for doctors?
  • How 3D animation enhances the quality of healthcare videos?
  • Types of videos used in advertising for doctors
  • Common mistakes to avoid in making videos
  • A video distribution plan with five effective channels
  • Honest answers to FAQs on video marketing for doctors

So, let’s dive right in!

What makes video marketing for doctors unique?

It’s perhaps the educational element in it. Physicians and professionals have a hard job on their shoulders of educating an audience. This is perhaps a challenge most industries don’t face. 

Doctors usually have to opt for a video marketing strategy that is professional. However, we suggest creating interactive, short-length videos. And, pay more effort to have an empathic tone in your video. 

You want to connect with your audience as much as you need to educate them. So, sounding empathic is the way to go. 

3D animation in healthcare videos

Interestingly, videos made for healthcare video marketing require you to give vivid details without spending much time. That’s what has increased the demand for 3D medical animation companies.  

You can create 3D videos and gain an edge over most video makers who are simply sharing face-up videos. That doesn’t paint a detailed picture of the human anatomy and the area of interest. 

Types of video marketing for doctors

Following are some common video types being used by doctors for marketing purposes;

Physician Orientation

These types of videos usually introduce the physician to prospective patients. Your goal with such videos is to build authority and trust. Ideally speaking, creating one video for each physician is suitable. 

Educational videos

Educational videos are a solid option for video marketing. Producing educational videos is one of the finest video marketing ideas for doctors. 

You can choose to answer FAQs about treatment and symptoms for a particular condition. Or you can come out more confidently and openly discuss a career in healthcare. Share the challenges to which most students or professionals can relate. 

Since patients and prospects are already searching for these on Google, landing across videos that are insightful and easy to understand, eases their job. 

So, a social media channel that educates patients and prospects through videos can gain more traction than a blog that only has long-form articles. 

Testimonials from satisfied patients

Know that the type of videos doctors create for marketing purposes does not end with testimonials. 

In fact, the list can be exhaustive. You can expect to have a physician FAQ video to practice tours, procedure safety, and much more. You may even use video marketing to create quality recruiting videos. 

Patient testimonials are probably one of the best videos and content pieces in your marketing funnel. Testimonials are social proof for other patients and prospects to consider your service. 

In fact, testimonials can have a profound impact on the audience. 

When showing testimonials, you may opt for the storytelling approach. Start with the patient and clearly mention the challenges or conflicts they faced in their journey. Later, you can tell how they discovered the solution. 

Storytelling in testimonials can win you trust of new prospects. 

Some common mistakes doctors make in their videos

The first mistake we’ve seen most doctors and professionals making today (when marketing their services) is not investing enough in producing videos. 

In addition, some common mistakes keep doctors and professionals stuck at where they are (unable to leverage their marketing efforts). There are four common mistakes doctors are making. 

If you have a background in healthcare, you must have noticed these four common mistakes. 

Too long videos

Your audience on the internet does not have a lot of time. Videos that have longer lengths hardly do well. 

For one, most of the content is never centered around the viewer; their pain points, and the solutions (they want to discover). Two, the attention span of an average user is quite short. 

So, the video length should be short enough to grab and hold attention. Especially when you want to educate your patients about a certain practice, keep it short. 

You can always opt for more micro-sized learning as it’s in demand. 

And, really effective. 

Poor quality audio

Nothing would set off your listener and audience more than poor audio. People will find it impossible to pay attention to your story and understand the crux of your messaging.  

Because they can’t hear you clearly, they’ll eventually stop watching. So, having a quality microphone that only costs $200 is worth more than losing your viewers. 

Low lighting

Poor lighting does not make you an attractive presenter on video. Yes, social media gives you a massive potential audience to connect with. But, certain norms must be followed to delight your viewers. One of them is good lighting. 

Clear absence of a distribution plan

Let’s say you’ve shot the best-quality video. It’s perfect in every sense. It catches attention, and the delivery of the message is attractive too. Still, you don’t have any views on your content. 

Perhaps, it’s because you didn’t put in time and effort in discovering the right channels to market your video. In our experience, that’s where most content creators struggle. 

Having a poor distribution plan means no matter how cool your videos are, you would never connect with your perfect audience. 

Why do you need a video distribution plan?

It’s important to channel your content for optimum reach and engagement. And, you can’t do it without a comprehensive distribution plan. 

Below we’ve highlighted five key channels to optimize your video marketing campaign and get the most out of it. You can even see them as doctor marketing strategies. 

Videos for listings

Business listings and directories are another good way to distribute your content. Enlisting with them and sharing your videos not only make you credible but also helps you attract good leads. 

On top of that, since most people in your niche are not doing it, you can edge off your competitors with this simple trick. 

Video for website

Having a video featured on your website can make a big difference. Not only will have a low bounce rate, but people who don’t like reading would watch your videos. 

And, videos are thought to be more conversion-friendly than static images. 

However, when creating videos, you should pay close attention to the user interface of your website. And, more importantly, invest in your content funnel. 

Just like you would organize your blog pages as per the intention of the visitor, you can also do the same for your videos. 

If you want to educate your visitors about a certain condition and its treatment, make sure the video does not embed messages that would come out as a hard sell. 

So, rethink your content funnel for the website. You can opt to do more research on your prospects and connect them with videos that would establish your authority and trust. 

And, you can even choose to make videos around all of the services or treatments you offer to patients. 

Video for social media

One of the most efficient channels to distribute your video content is social media. With billions of users on Facebook and YouTube, you have an amazing reach. However, without ad spend, your reach is limited. 

And, more importantly, organic traffic includes a general audience. People might not be really interested in buying from you. 

You can boost your video views and engagement with paid advertising. However, it would also be a challenge. Prospects seeing that your video is sponsored might see your brand as one that is bragging. 

However, a paid advertising budget increases your chances of success with your content. 

Video for SEO

Videos give you a real edge when performing SEO. Videos can significantly improve your site’s SEO. A good reason for that is the key metric of dwell time. 

If a visitor stays on your page for a longer period, a high dwell time would signal the search engine to rank your site higher. 

On the other side, videos tend to be more engaging and allow you to provide precise answers to questions of the searcher with a lot more ease. 

Thus, saving you from pogo-sticking (visitors jumping back to the search page after finding an unsatisfying answer on your website). 

And, more importantly, why you should focus on creating videos that more than 65% of all searches are zero-click. People are getting answers through snippets. So, most of your searchers don’t land on a website. 

But, here’s the catch. Most people are convinced after watching a video. So, if you’ve featured videos on your YouTube channel, these will show up on the video page on Google. 

You can always do a bit of video SEO to get more traction from searches. 

Video ads

Again, videos are far more convincing and effective for conversions than static images. Video ads are a fantastic way to target to a specific audience. 

You can use a combination of Facebook and YouTube ads for your paid marketing campaigns. 

Not only will you establish trust, but more importantly, will draw in more qualified leads to grow your clientele. So, video ads are the way to go!

3 popular options for making videos

We’ve discovered three different options for making videos. Know that each option requires a different investment and effort. 

Make videos by yourself

Though it may sound easy peasy, most of the time, making your own videos can turn out to be bad in quality. Sadly, most resources or your internal staff don’t have a strong command over video editing. 

This option can also be useful when you have an experienced person who knows how to produce videos professionally. 

Shoot a video with a group

Most of the times, shooting videos with a media group results in high-quality results. Working with traditional media groups can be pricey for you. 

However, it’s perhaps the most expensive option. And, given the high cost, you might not be able to produce more than a handful of videos. 

Shoot videos remotely

Remote video is an entirely new way of producing quality marketing videos. You don’t have to meet video producers in person. Not only do you save yourself from the hurdle of showing up at the shooting destination. 

But, more importantly, you have a remote video creation team. You can get a medical video production company to help you with that. They use software that controls video production from your end. 

As a result, you can shoot videos remotely. It’s a budget-friendly option. Plus, you save a great deal of time. 


How frequently should I create video content?

There are no hard and fast rules for creating content. An impressive quality video can be of use to your audience for years. We would suggest you study your prospect and think about how you can best guide them through their journey. 

What is medical marketing for doctors?

Medical marketing for doctors refers to educational campaigns doctors and health professionals create to raise awareness about illnesses. These are always aimed to better inform the audience to advance their knowledge about their health. 

Final thoughts

Let’s wrap it up. Video marketing is accelerating and perhaps is far more convincing than any form of content. 

Above we discussed video marketing for doctors and how people in the healthcare industry can leverage it to inform patients and prospects. And, more importantly, guide them in making better decisions. 

Video marketing for doctors is not anything that is completely new. But most people struggle with content distribution. Above, we highlighted five unique and effective channels doctors can use to leverage their content reach. 

Though creating videos is good, one should not underestimate the potential of paid advertising and enlisting in business directories to bring in more leads.

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