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Vastu consultant in India reveals the effects of all zones for dining table vastu!

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Vastu consultant in India

When it comes to vastu complaint floor plan, Vastu consultant in India finds that most people stay ignorant regarding the placement of dining room. 

Though people assume that good kitchen vastu is all you need to have good health. But Vastu consultant in India says that it is the dining hall vastu that plays the main role in determining our health.  

Dining room is the space in which we consume our daily meals and thus the zone in which we carry this out is of immense importance. 

The dining hall vastu determines our attitude towards food, health and lifestyle. It also is necessary to understand how digestion of food and absorption of nutrients happen in the body. 

There are 16 zones in total in the vastu. While most of them are good, some of them are highly unsuitable for it as well. 

Thus, the Expert Vastu consultant in India will now list out how each of the 16 direction zones will affect the functions of dining hall vastu in home. 

  1. North East- This is the zone of divine energies. If you eat here routinely, you will be more inclined to adapt to satvik food. You might also avoid liquor and non-vegetarian diet consumption. 
  1. East of North East (ENE)- This is the zone of rejuvenation and refreshment. If you eat in here, you might get focus more on its presentation over its taste or nutritional value. Youth eating here often prefer junk food, but elders usually prefer nutritious food. 
  1. East – This is the zone of social connectivity. If you eat here routinely, you will be inclined towards inviting friends, relatives or peers over lunch or dinner frequently.  
  1. East of South East- This is the zone of churning. Since it indicates repeated circulation it is very unsuitable for eating food. If done so, such people will persistently criticize their food. Let it be its taste, quality or nutrition; they will find flaw in it.  
  1. South East- This is the zone of fir. It is suitable for placing dining room as it motivates people to consume their food on time. It also improves their digestion along with their appetite. 
  1. South of South East- This is the zone of power and confidence. If you eat here, you will have good digestion and will receiving right amount of nutrients.  
  1. South- This too is a great zone for dining. It helps in easy digestion of the food. If you eat here, you will stay mentally and physically active and relaxed. 
  1. South of South West – being the zone of disposal, it is highly unsuitable for consuming meals. If you eat here daily, your body will not be able to properly absorb all the nutrients it requires. 
  1. South West- This too is an unsuitable zone for dining room. Eating here regularly might bring family disputes. Especially the head of the family often gets hot-tempered on his wife or children. 
  1. West of South West- This is yet another good zone for eating, especially for those who beling in upper economical class. You will get hold of culinary style and table manners along with right usage of table crockery in social gathering. 
  1. West- This is a positive zone for dining, says Vastu consultant in India. Eating here will provide complete nutrition to the body and hence will help stay in good health. 
  1. West of North West- This is another unsuitable zone for dining in the vastu. If you eat here, you will become prone to find faults in food. Therefore, you won’t get adequate nutrition from food either.
  1. North West- Since it is the zone of support; placing dining hall in here will help in easy digestion. You body will be able to extract all the crucial nutrients from the everyday meals. 
  1. North of North West- This zone is somewhat okay for dining room. It influences people to try out new dishes, making them foodie.
  1. North- This is the zone of opportunity and eating here routinely makes people career conscious. It can help you acquire means and skills to boost your career too. However, it can result in slightly weaker digestion.
  1. North of North East- Vastu consultant in India says that this too is a great zone for eating, as it will motivate you make healthier diet and lifestyle choices.

Now that you have lean which zones are good for eating in, you can allocate your dining space in her to gain maximum benefits from it. 

If you want to know more about dining hall vastu guidelines from Vastu consultant in India, all you need to do is get in touch with us at Vaastu Mangaal. 

Description- Vastu consultant in India helps in understanding how each of the 16 zones in the vastu affects the function of dining hall.

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