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Tips For Capturing Great Adventure Photos

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A photo speaks a thousand words, and in today’s highly visual world of online media, a stunning image can tell the perfect travel story. While a trip can last only a few days, images last a lifetime and can easily bring back happy memories long after you return home.

Learning how to capture the best photos can help you better share your experience, inspire others and record your memories. With that in mind, here are some tips for capturing great adventure photos on your next trip to Girraween National Park!

No Expert Equipment Needed!

You don’t need to be a professional with expensive equipment to capture stunning photos. Today’s latest technology has made it easy for anyone to take great shots with your mobile phone!

Shoot in landscape

When possible, turn your camera sideways and use a landscape orientation for your photos. This allows you to capture as much as possible while being less restricted when cropping later. 

Pay attention to the sun

Lighting is the key to a gorgeous image. Taking the sun into consideration when exploring Girraween can mean the difference between a good photo and a great one. Backlighting can create interesting shots, but it is often recommended that the sun is behind you when photographing a subject or Girraween landscape. This ensures your focus is well lit and clear.

Use the rule of thirds

Today’s mobile phones have a grid feature in their camera. This can help you correctly line up your image to create visually balanced and well-composed shots. It does well to anchor the subject and bring the foreground into focus.

Get in your photos!

While the Girraween Landscape can be gorgeous on its own, adventure photos with people in them are far more striking and interesting to look at. Viewers are given a sense of perspective and scale to better tell their story. Bringing a small lightweight tripod can make taking these images all the easier. Adversely, propping your phone on a rock or boulder can do just as well!

Try different perspectives

Anyone can take images at eye level, but to make a shot more interesting it is suggested to try a new perspective! Get down low, focus on a flower while a mountain looms in the distance or get up high – these are all ways to add an additional flair to your adventure phots.

Capture candid moments

While staged and posed images can look good, not every photo needs to be perfect. Capturing candid shots is a way to add authenticity and put yourself in the moment when looking at your images later. Candid or unposed photos generally have more life to them and look more natural.

Helping You Explore

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