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Benefits of Implementing a Unified Security Platform

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Today’s physical security teams have a lot on their plates, especially at large organizations. While the advent of video monitoring made it possible for a smaller number of security officers to keep track of what’s going on across larger areas, it also created new opportunities for criminals. Read on to find out how switching to a modern unified security platform can help companies keep up.

Improve Monitoring

Even a dedicated security team won’t be able to keep an eye on every camera in a large facility without some help, but efficient monitoring is the only way to catch criminals in the act. The good news is that integrated tools are now available to make this job easier, making it possible for even a small team to monitor dozens of cameras or more.

Visual tracking is one of the most useful tools available to modern security teams. It allows viewers to follow suspicious people through the property visually using geographical overlays within video tiles to switch instantly from one camera to the next. This feature makes it much more difficult for intruders to find ways to escape detection.

Combining visual tracking with map-based interfaces makes monitoring systems even more efficient and effective. Instead of having to scroll through camera tree lists or use hotkeys to pull up feeds, security personnel can find cameras and doors quickly and identify which video feeds will offer the best points of view.

Speed Up Investigations

Finding and sharing evidence is a necessary part of running an effective security operation. However, it can also become a huge drain on internal resources. Providing security personnel with the tools required to find and share evidence with authorized parties quickly and securely allows teams to remain more focused on incident prevention.

One of the great things about unified security systems is that they allow users to access multiple facets of physical security tools. Quick search tools, for example, take the data from map-based interfaces and use it to help officers quickly identify areas of interest. The search modules then present thumbnails from specified cameras for the time surrounding a previous incident, making it easy to extract evidence.

Working with an industry-leading software manufacturer also makes it possible to share evidence securely from unified security platforms instead of having to transfer it manually to USB drives for delivery to the police or other approved parties. Instead, evidence management modules allow users to upload videos into dedicated case files that can be shared securely with specific, authorized individuals.

Automate Camera Maintenance

Modern security systems with video monitoring only work if the cameras remain in operable condition, and criminals know that. It’s thus relatively common for cameras to be tampered with during the course of a break-in. Automated camera maintenance modules alert security personnel to tampering in real-time so that instead of learning about it after the fact when it makes finding evidence impossible, officers can address the incident as it happens.

It’s Time to Upgrade

Organizations still relying on outdated video monitoring and physical security systems are vulnerable even if they have dedicated security teams. The solution is to provide security personnel with the tools required to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively. That’s just what upgrading to a unified security system will do.

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