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Understanding NetSuite’s Check Printing Configuration

by Abdul Basit Huzaifa Nawaz
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Comprising a complete cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP), NetSuite simplifies check printing, financial management, and business operations generally. Accurate and effective payment systems depend on NetSuite’s check printing function being configured correctly. The main points of NetSuite’s check printing configuration—including setup, customizing choices, and best practices—are given in this article.

Creating Check Printing within NetSuite

Check printing in NetSuite first requires users to make sure the fundamental setup is correctly set. Under Accounting Preferences, this entails setting the check layout. To specify the default check layout, go to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences. Making sure bank accounts in NetSuite are correctly configured is also absolutely vital. Click the pertinent bank account under Lists > Accounting > Accounts. Under account settings, turn on the “Use in Printed Checks” choice. Make sure also that users who will be printing checks have suitable roles and rights. Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles will help you to control this.

Users of NetSuite may specify particular check printing preferences. Navigating to Setup > Accounting > Printing Checks will set these preferences. Users have choices including default check type, check printing order, and copy count to print.

Customizing Check Lists

Standard check layouts available from NetSuite can be used exactly out of the box. These layouts satisfy the minimum standards for check printing and incorporate fields including payee name, amount, date, and memo. Under Setup > Accounting > Printing Checks users may choose a standard layout.

Through its Suite Builder tool, NetSuite provides customizing choices for companies needing more specialized check designs. Navigate to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms to access Custom Forms and design your own check layout. Choose a standard check layout to alter. Add or remove fields using the form editor; change field placements; and incorporate custom logos or branding elements. Save the new layout once the customizations are finished and under Lists > Accounting > Accounts assign it to the pertinent bank account.

Advanced Options for Configuration

Automated check printing—which NetSuite supports—can expedite the payment process. This entails creating systems to automatically create and print checks depending on particular triggers, such payment deadlines or invoice approval or validation. Customization > Workflows > New Workflow allows one to configure workflow automation.

NetSuite check printing settings provide choices to manage multi-currency transactions for companies running across borders or several currencies. Verify that under Setup > Company > Enable Features the currency settings are set appropriately. Custom layouts can also be created to fit the several needs of international transactions, including different check sizes and extra fields for different types of currency.

Best Practices in NetSuite Check Printing

Maintaining fit with the most recent security features and banking standards depends on routinely updating check printing software. Regular audits of check printing techniques help to find and correct disparities. Safely storing check stock in a locked area with limited access stops possible fraud and illegal use.

Regular training for staff members engaged in check printing guarantees their awareness of the proper techniques and any system updates. By using MICR ink and premium check paper, one guarantees that checks are readable by bank processing systems, so lowering the risk of rejection.

Following these best practices and making use of NetSuite’s advanced capabilities will help companies to keep effective and safe check printing systems. Apart from helping to avoid mistakes, correct configuration and frequent audits guarantee compliance with financial rules and help prevent possible fraud.

To properly handle their financial transactions, companies must first know and properly set NetSuite’s check printing capability. By means of customizing choices, sophisticated layouts, and adherence to best practices, businesses can improve their check printing process so guaranteeing accuracy, security, and economy.

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