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Types of Roofing Sheets for Roof Heat Proofing Services Treatment

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Roofing Sheets

There are different types of heat proof sheet and best heat resistant material for different roof heat proofing treatment. Furthermore, talk to us at Roof power Pakistan for more information. Check out:

Asphalt blanket for roof heat proofing

The asphalt blanket consists of asphalt, elastic polymers and aluminum. It is suitable for heat proofing roof Pakistan subject to high temperatures such as factories and industries. In addition to protecting the roof from moisture, it prevents the harmful action of UV rays. Therefore, this rooftop treatment is for most diverse structures such as swimming pools and containers.

Among advantages of this water & heat proofing solution in Lahore is its flexibility. It ensures that the material follows the expansion of the different structures without losing its waterproofing capacity.

The market offers different types of asphalt blanket that differ in thickness, finish, strength and type of additives.

Aluminized asphalt blanket for roof heat proofing Services

The aluminized asphalt blanket helps to control the internal temperature of the environments. It is suitable for both inclined and flat slabs.

It is best to use in the most diverse types of roofs such as cement, zinc, iron, clay and aluminum. In addition, it is good to use in gutters, marquees, expansion joints and interiors of transport vehicles.

There are two types of aluminized asphalt mat, common and self-adhesive. The first one needs asphalt or a blowtorch to install. The second dispenses with these materials at the time of installation. Both must fix to the material of the roof, molding to it.

Polyester asphalt blanket

It consists of synthetic material. It is suitable for roof leakage waterproofing of large areas such as warehouses, airports and football stadiums.

This roof heat insulation material is good to  use on flat or sloped roofs. Installation, however, requires mechanical protection with an intermediate base with materials such as paper or cardboard.

Polyethylene asphalt blanket

It is good to use for roof heat proofing services Lahore in flat or sloping roof houses or industries. However, in large areas the material should have more than 4 mm thickness. This heat proof roof treatment will prevent infiltration and damage to the structure. It is flexible, strong and very durable.

Waterproofing blanket

The waterproofing blanket, as the name suggests, protects the building from infiltration caused by rain.

As you know, the roof is permanently open to sun, wind and temperature changes. All these elements can cause the structure to lose its integrity, which contributes to the appearance of leaks.

The resource is, therefore, very useful as heat proofing in Pakistan extends the useful life of ceilings and slabs. It is also suitable for the electrical wires and the entire structure of the building. The commercial roof heat proofing brings more safety and savings to residents.

Liquid blanket

This type of roofing blanket has high solids acrylic resin. After application, it becomes a flexible plastic membrane capable of reflecting sunlight and protecting from rain.

In general, roof heat proofing services Islamabad with it is for older roofs to prevent heat and infiltration. With this heat resistant ceiling material, the application of roof heat proofing services Rawalpindi is simple.

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