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Is architecture a good career choice

by James Anderson
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Are you thinking about enrolling in building design courses in Delhi but are also wondering if architecture is a good career choice? Well, architecture can be a good career choice but can also be a bad career choice. Let me explain with an example. Let’s say you’re a very intelligent and want to be an architect. But, do you want to become a generalist or a specialisation architect? In this article, we’ll tell you everything about architects so that you can figure out whether you want to be an architect and which kind of architect would suit your personality and skills better.

How to become an Architect?

Becoming an architect is a challenging and rewarding career. It takes dedication, hard work and a willingness to make sacrifices to achieve your goals.

If you have the desire to be an architect, here are some tips that can help you on your way.

1)  Choose a good college:

The first thing you need to do is choose a good college to get your Bachelor of architecture degree. This is where you will learn the fundamentals of architecture and how to become an architect. The best way to get into any school is by applying online or through other programs that are offered at local universities or colleges.

2)  Learn how to draw:

You don’t have to be an artist to become an architect; however, you should know how to draw because it will help you visualise what your design will look like before you start working on it. This skill will also help when designing floor plans, elevations, sections and other drawings needed for your project.

3)  Get involved in extracurricular activities:

Many students who want to become architects participate in extracurricular activities such as art classes or sports teams during high school because these activities help them learn about life outside of their own community. If you are doubtful about what kind of extracurricular activities can help your knowledge, you can always join a reliable building design course in Hyderabad or wherever you live. That way, doing activities will become a regular part of your week. See more. 

Career options after becoming an architect

1. Interior Architecture

Interior architecture is the art of designing and furnishing interiors, usually within private residences, public buildings and commercial spaces. Interior designers are involved in all aspects of interior design, including space planning, furnishing, decoration, construction, maintenance and furniture. In addition to residential projects, interior architects may be called upon to design a wide range of commercial spaces for offices, retail stores, restaurants and hotels.

2. Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is the design and management of outdoor environments. Landscape architects plan and design landscapes for residential, commercial or public use areas at specific times during the year, such as fall colour season or spring blooming flowers season. They also include plants in their designs to give aesthetic appeal and supply plants that help maintain healthy soil conditions through photosynthesis while adding beauty to the landscape.

3. Naval Architecture

Naval architecture is the art and science of designing ships, boats, and aircraft. The work includes the technical aspects of ship design such as structural engineering, hydrodynamics, propulsion systems and naval architecture. Naval architects also design warships and submarines for the military and private sectors.

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