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Trendy Ways To Decorate Your Room With LED Neon Signs

by Abdus Subhan
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LED Neon Signs

It’s not just about business and brand advertising anymore. LED neon signs are now an integral part of home and bedroom decor thanks to their breathtaking designs and attractive colors that help create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. 

Neon lights for rooms beautify your space and give an alternative light source to spice up your pictures and videos, movie dates, game nights, and sleepovers with guests.

In this post, we reveal trendy and creative ways to decorate your bedroom with LED neon signs. Let’s get to it. 

Neon Lights For Room Decor Ideas 

Here are creative ways to use neon lights for room:

1. Bedroom Neon Wall Signs 

Decorate and personalize your room with a room neon wall sign. Room neon signs feature a blend of cozy designs and calming colors like blue, pink, and purple to transform your bedroom into a beautiful haven overnight. This is one decor idea you’ll surely fall in love with.

The wall above the bed is a common spot for room neon wall signs. Here, it illuminates across the bed and pops up against the plain wall. LED signs for rooms are safe thanks to their modern flex design and you can dim the lights as you wish. You can even enjoy some shuteye with the lights on. 

Browse and shop from the widest collection of neon lights for rooms. The neon room signs are drawn from pictures of celebrities, motivational quotes, and even movie characters. Regardless of the color of the decor theme of your room, you are sure to find a led sign for your room in the collection

2. Light Up The Roof 

Make your room pop by decorating the roof with neon lights. The glow from the neon light will bounce off reflective and luminous objects in the room, creating a beautiful light display that will beautify your space, especially at night.

This decor idea comes out perfectly when cool colors like purple, pink, and white are used. You can also go for more than one color – the more, the merrier. The room LED neon sign can be inspired by any art or design including famous quotes and superhero characters. This would look great in a kid’s room. 

3. Put a LED Filament Lamp On The Table

Do you have a reading table in your room? Why not decorate it with a LED filament lamp? This is another creative way to light up your room. The lamp is handcrafted and has a sturdy base, so it won’t fall off your table. 

Aside from its aesthetic value, a filament lamp will also be useful when you are doing some late night reading or working. Its cool glow will not hurt your eyes. 

4. Decorate The Mirror 

Reflective lighting can be very beautiful when used correctly. You can hang LED strip lights or a room neon sign opposite your wall mirror. The reflection of the light on the mirror will light up your room in a special way. You can also hang the light around the mirror frame. This way, the light reflects on you when you stand in front of the mirror. 

5. Bedside Neon Light

Why use one neon room sign when you can use more? Minimalist neon signs for rooms are available. These are small neon signs that can be installed in small spaces. 

You can get creative and install a series of minimalist room neon signs on the wall to create wall art or arrange them behind your room door to personalize your space. You can even install them in strategic corners of the room to produce a cross-lighting effect.

6. Light Up Your Shelf

Your bookshelf, trophy cabinet, shoe rack, and even wardrobe will look beautiful with a neon room sign. You can use a series of small LED signs around the shelf or hang a neon light against it. Shelves often have a plain and glossy finish that will reflect the glow from the room’s neon light. 

Do LED Signs For Room Last Long?

Bedroom LED signs last long because they feature a modern flex design. The transparent tubes are not glass – they are handcrafted from sturdy PVC tubes, making them very durable. The tube won’t crack or break. Neon lights for rooms have an average lifespan of over 50,000 hours – that’s over 5 years in working hours for you to enjoy your neon sign. 

The LED bulbs used to light up the sign consume six times less energy than your living room lightbulb, so you have nothing to worry about. No heat, noise, easy installation, and no toxic gas. Just a beautiful light for you to enjoy for at least 10 years. 

Find LED Signs For Your Bedroom at Echo Neon

Would you like a neon room sign? Then visit Echo Neon to view and shop from an exclusive collection of neon lights for rooms. Why Echo Neon? We are the first LED neon company in the United States and we produce quality LED neon signs at unbeatable prices 

Our collection includes room LED signs of every color, shape, and design for you to choose from. You can even get retro neon signs to create a nostalgic vibe in your bedroom. 

If you wish, you can customize and upload your preferred room neon sign design via the website. Our staff will create a cool customized neon light for your room based on your uploaded design in less than 3 weeks. So, visit Echo Neon today to get started.

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