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Top Tips to Enjoy a Long-Haul Flight

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Top Tips to Enjoy a Long-Haul Flight

Sitting through a flight for more than six hours can be daunting. However, there are various ways to make your time on such flights more interesting. For instance, you can use this time to introspect and break from tight schedules and deadlines. Airlines often offer in-flight entertainment, including screens; however, you can always have your backup or interesting activities lined up. Do you have an upcoming flight? Here are some tips to help you beat the boredom.  

Read a Book 

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Thanks to smartphones, you do not have to carry hardcopy books, especially if you like to travel light. You only have to download your preferred books and create a library on your phone. Before you hop onto a plane, ensure you have a collection of books you would like to catch up with. If you need to know which books to load on your phone, you can ask for recommendations from friends or conduct your research. As you select, consider avoiding fiction books that narrate about airplane disasters since they may heighten your anxiety. Getting engrossed in a good book makes you enjoy a long flight and may even feel shorter. 

Listen to Podcasts 

Podcasts are refreshing, and there is a lot to learn from them. Listening to podcasts can keep you busy throughout your journey. There are several podcast niches to choose from. Whether you want an inspirational or career-oriented podcast, TED talks are also suitable. Before boarding your flight, download podcast episodes from your favorite channels or explore new ones and create a playlist to take you through the journey. 

Snap the Views 

The thrill of getting onto your first flight is unexplainable, so we take more pictures on our first boarding. But as we get used to the transit, we forget to take these snapshots. Planes give us the bird’s view, the best angle, making it the best place to get Instagram-worthy pictures. From images of landmarks from a distance to sunsets from the clouds, there are so many pictures you can take to pass the time during your journey. You can also pass the time by editing the photos and adding effects. 

Get Comfortable 

You will be more restless and anxious when you are dressed uncomfortably, which automatically ruins your entire experience. Thus, the first way to get comfortable is to dress for comfort. Avoid wearing tight jeans, wristbands, or other accessories that may make you uncomfortable. Additionally, you can carry a throw blanket for warmth. Once you are comfortable, you will be more settled and ready to sit for long hours. Remember to pack a neck pillow for your headrest. The neck pillow will also help you avoid neck pains since you will sit through a long flight. 


If you have pending work or assignments, this can be the time to brainstorm on them so that you do not find the need to get an essay writing service after your trip. And meditation can help achieve that. Meditation helps you stay calm through the anxious moments you may experience on a plane. Various factors can make one anxious, from turbulence to general flight anxiety. Therefore, to calm your mind down, it is best to meditate or take deep breaths whenever you feel anxious. You can download several applications to help you with mindfulness therapy and help you avoid overthinking, which is common, especially when flying to a new destination. 


Dehydration lowers your energy levels and cognitive function and may cause persistent headaches, making you uncomfortable. Thus, you may not be able to do much on the plane. For example, you may not be able to read a book or even sit through a single movie episode. Therefore, hydrate to keep your mood and energy in check even after landing.

Watch a Movie 

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Binge-watching a favorite series can help you pass the time and stay entertained through long flights. You can save movies you want to watch before getting on the plane. And since it will be a long flight, it is best to download several films to energize you throughout your journey. Similar to books, avoid movies with a backstory of a plane crash or attack. 

Play Games 

Games are another good way to pass the time. They are especially fun if you have company. Several simple games are fun and engaging. You will notice how time flies by when you keep yourself busy with games during the trip. However, avoid cumbersome games that require a lot of thinking to avoid getting exhausted when still on the flight. Some of the games you can try playing include. 

  • Monopoly
  • Board games
  • Travel boggle
  • Sushi go
  • Guess who

Listen to Music 

Listening to music helps you relax. Regardless of how anxious you are, it is easier to calm your nerves just by plugging in your headphones and listening to soothing music, and you may even find yourself drifting to sleep. Also, you can spend time exploring new music and albums from your favorite artists. It may be hard to find much free time during your regular schedule, so take advantage of this time. 

Before boarding, preload different playlists on iTunes, Spotify, or any other music app so that you do not have to skip songs and look for others on different applications. Your playlists should last you for the better part of your journey. If you get nervous during flights, creating a selection that calms your nerves down is best. 


Nobody looks forward to long flights. However, looking at it from a different perspective, you will realize there are various hidden joys you can find in being holed up in your seat for hours if you get creative. You can make the most of your time by reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music, and playing games. Keeping yourself busy on the plane keeps you from staying in limbo, feeling nauseous, or cursing at crying babies. Use these tips to turn your long flights into a memorable experience.  

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