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Top five NFT ideas you can consider choosing as a present

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Is someone’s birthday or essential day approaching, and you want to surprise them with an adequate Non-Fungible Token? Not 100% sure which NFT would be ideal as a gift to your loved one?

Don’t worry. And many crypto enthusiasts are eager to get some of the best NFT ideas that they can come up with while choosing the right present. Even though you may think that such a thing as a Non-Fungible Token isn’t suitable for the gifted, I suppose you might be wrong.

Many NFT devotees are purchasing NFTs in order to transfer them as presents for their dearest people. We will provide you with the essential Non-Fungible Token gift ideas that you’ll simply adore! So, shall we begin with our top 5 NFT gift picks?

#5 CryptoPunksMerch

If you are a devoted Non-Fungible Token fan and adore CryptoPunks, we highly recommend you consider some of the high-quality CryptoPunksMerch. You can choose from a “Punk is Not Dead” hoodie, a CryptoPunk t-shirt, to an enamel CryptoPunk pin, for example.

#4 Digital Canvas Display

Another great NFT gift idea is a good piece of digital canvas display. It is observed as an even better choice than a desk photo frame for displaying digital art. You are able to choose from portrait orientations in numerous styles and frame sizes to exquisite landscapes. It will all allow your NFT devotee to brag about their NFT investment, for sure!

#3 NFT Books

Even though you probably haven’t thought about it before, there are some interesting NFT books that are considered “work-of-arts” by numerous renowned writers. In case your Non-Fungible Token artist friend is also a bookworm, we would like to recommend you the following books:

  • Mastering NFT
  • NFTs for Beginners
  • The Empowered Artist

Of course, these examples are just some of the valuable and exciting NFT books you may consider as a present. Nonetheless, if you do a little research, you could find a lot of interesting books related to Non-Fungible Tokens and cryptocurrency.

#2 Physical Crypto Coins

For those diehard fans of NFT and crypto, why not consider physical crypto coins as a present? If a person you wish to surprise with a present is a true NFT lover, he will fall in love with this specific kind of unique token. Besides that, these physical crypto coins could represent a fun joke present.

#1 Password notebook and digital pen

What could be very useful to NFT devotees is a password notebook to keep their passwords in one place safe and recovery phrases. A digital pen could be a good combination with the notebook since it will be more practical and better than a trackpad or mouse.


Whichever NFT you choose as a gift to someone who is a big fan and collector of Non-Fungible Tokens, you will certainly not go wrong! They will simply adore any choice you make, be sure of that 100% sure! Good luck with making a final decision and making your dear person happy on their happiest day!

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