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Top 4 Questions And Answers To Help You Get Started With The Best Funded Trader Program

by Abdus Subhan
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Last modified on December 25th, 2023 at 7:45 pm

Although prop trading firms are mostly interested in experienced traders, you (as a beginner) can still work with these companies. Agreed, to get fully funded by a proprietary firm, you need to prove you have the abilities to succeed as a trader. But what happens if you’re a beginner but are interested in getting trader funding? In this case, you may still demonstrate your skills via your academic achievement and other relevant extracurricular activities. Furthermore, some of the best funded trader programs can always provide you with training resources to help you up your skills and succeed as a trader.

As a beginner trader, below are some burning questions and answers you may need to get started as a trader:

1. What exactly is the best funded trader program?

As the name suggests, funded trader programs are designed to empower traders with sufficient capital to start their trading sessions. As a beginner trader, for you to get started with the best funded trader programs, such as the one offered by Get Funded Now (GFN), you need to pay a one-time virtual audition fee. How much you need to pay depends, to a large extent, on the amount of capital you require for your trading sessions.

After paying the one-time audition fee, you’ll need to pass a simple audition, which is designed to assess your discipline and trading skills. After successfully completing this audition, you’ll receive a fully funded trading account up to $500,000. As you trade and win, you can keep up to 50 – 90% of the profit, depending on the prop firm you work with.

GFN is currently one of the leading prop firms that offer the best funded trader programs. GFN offers up to 90% profit share, 10% profit target, 10% max drawdown, no time limits for completing your one-time challenge, and no minimum trading days, depending on the package you opt for. All these offerings make GFN a go-to prop firm for trader funding.

2. How exactly does funded trader programs work with GFN

As you now know, Get Funded Now offers some of the best funded trader programs out there today. With GFN, here’s exactly how to get started with these programs:

  • To get a fully funded trading account, you need to pass a one-time audition. To get started, you need to choose the finding level that suits your trading skills. Each trading package has different audition fee that you’re required to pay.
  • You’re required to generate an ROI of 10% with a maximum drawdown of 10% if you want to pass the audition. GFN also makes it easy by giving you no time limits and no minimum trading says. This means you can do as many trading sessions as possible just to achieve the required milestone.
  • Once you can successfully achieve this aforementioned milestone, you can expect to get a fully funded trading account immediately.

3. Does Get Funded Now have trading rules?

Like other proprietary firms out there, GFN certainly has trading rules, which you need to understand to become a successful trader. 

  • The first rule says you need to achieve a 10% profit target to receive a fully funded trading account and gain access to the best online trading platform
  • In addition to the 10% profit target, another GFN trading rule says your account is only allowed to experience a daily loss limit of 5%. Furthermore, the maximum drawdown expected by your account is 10%. To learn more about how drawdown and daily loss are calculated, you can check GFN trading rules.

4. How exactly does the trader scaling plan work with GFN?

The trader scaling plan is a type of growth plan that allows you to multiply your funds for increased profits. With the best GFN scaling strategies, you can always increase your funded trading account size and achieve at least double your buying power as you move from the lowest package up to higher packages.

You can visit the official page to learn more about how the GFN trader scaling plan works.

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