If you think it is necessary to have a good grill cover, you are on the bandwagon of those responsible homeowners who want to protect their valuable assets outdoors. Nowadays, you can get big barbecue grills, which are not convenient to be taken into the house. So, after use, you may simply leave this outside. Keeping the grill outdoors may expose it to various harmful environmental elements and cause damage. This is the reason why you need to get a good grill cover for optimum protection.

To get a good grill cover, you need to make some important considerations. All the grill covers may look almost the same, but certain things distinguish between good and bad.

Choice of material

Some grill covers are made of premium quality materials, which are highly durable and long-lasting. There are some other choices of grill covers made of low-quality materials and may damage soon. To expand your knowledge about grill cover materials, let us explore some of the common materials used.

  • Vinyl covers – These are made of fully waterproof materials and highly reliable as outdoor grill covers. There are different varieties available in vinyl which you may consider carefully. Heavy-duty vinyl covers are 12-gauge or more. There is a lighter vinyl variety which is cheaper but may not be as durable as heavy-duty vinyl.
  • Polyester covers – This is another popular type of grill cover. Besides the lightweight property of polyester, these are applicable at various weather conditions and remain much more durable. Polyester can be used for a longer duration without damage. Heavy-duty polyester is also chemically treated to be fully water and weather-resistant.
  • Canvas covers – Canvas is considered an alternative to polyester covers. It is the best option as outdoor grill covers by being resistant to different weather conditions. Canvas is also fireproof, which is an ideal property for hot grill cover. Canvas is the material used in making boat covers, tents, etc.

Consider appropriate size

There is no such one size fits all type of grill cover. You need first to measure the dimensions of your grilling unit to identify the right cover. You may find grill covers coming in various sizes, and there are also customized models of grill covers available. While searching online, you can use your model number as the keyword to make the best fitting covers. Otherwise, you need to have all the measures handy while purchasing a grill cover to not end up with the wrong size.

Apart from the material and size, you also need to check different grill covers and consider your budget to make a comparison of different grill covers. At online stores, you can easily compare the material used, size, addon features like pockets and air vents, price, and other variables to see the differences and choose the best one matching your budget and preferences. Buy the ones that suit your budget and requirements perfectly. You will have plenty of options to choose from.


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