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Top EHR for Mental Health Related Practices

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Why you Need a Mental Health EHR 

Whether you are a psychiatrist or a psychologist, having an EHR software employed at your practice is imperative. While a lot of times state laws make it obligatory to have these software, they only benefit you in the long run. From helping you optimize your daily schedule so you can see as many patients in a day as possible; helping you grow your practice to simplifying your billing solutions. These software help you out considerably. 

In this piece, we will be talking about various EHR software which would make for a good choice for your mental health related practice and help you keep things as organized as possible. We will give you several options you can actively look at; from Counsol EMR to Cerner Behavioral Notes. If you want to know more then keep reading! 

Top Mental Health EHR Software for 2021


The first software in our list is Counsol which has a lot of great features that make it such a good choice for your EHR software. This software is very flexible in that it is able to grow with your practice. So if you start off as a single independent practitioner but have plans of shifting to a group practice in the future then Counsol EMR will grow right with you! 

Another feature which users appreciated in Counsol is the secure messaging feature which allows you to message your clients or patients from the software very easily while making sure privacy and confidentiality is not breached at all. Apart from that you can communicate internally with your staff as well and make sure that everyone is on the same page. And much like your communication with patients and clients, the internal communication you have with staff is also secure and remains confidential. 


After Counsol EMR we want to talk about DrCloudEHR which is another wonderful option for your mental health related practice. This software has a centralized dashboard feature which allows you to switch through its various features quickly. You can look at your calendar and then quickly shift to your patient or client history feature in no time at all. 

The software is also incredibly secure as it is housed in Microsoft Azure’s data center and even has a backup off site which helps keep all your data safe. This software’s remote features allow you to use it from anywhere in the world because you can access the software from wherever you are through any device as long as you have the right credentials for logging in. 


TherapyNotes happens to be one of the best mental health EHR software in the world due to several reasons. The first feature which includes this software in our list is the to-do list feature which keeps all your daily tasks right in front of you; from billing to be done to daily appointments, the software reminds you of everything you need to do in order to run a successful practice. 

The practice management features in this software also help you to manage your practice smoothly. The software alerts you about any supplies which might be running low and you should restock as well as about any tasks which have not been done by you and need to be completed soon. All of this helps keep you on track! 

Cerner Behavioral Notes

Cerner Behavioral Notes as the name suggests is a very worthy option for a mental health related practice as it is built for this very purpose. The software has a robust reporting and analytics tool which helps you analyze all the data you have for a patient and enables you to make more educated decisions as a result. 

The software can also integrate patient history from other doctors or professionals the patients might be seeing by requesting this data from other caregivers. This helps you gain a more well rounded idea about your patients health and enables you to help them better and in a more holistic fashion! 

Which Mental Health EHR you Should Invest in

Now if you are wondering whether there is one software over the other we might recommend from the list mentioned above then we cannot make this decision for you unless we knew the specifics of your practice. However, we can help you come to your own conclusion. 

One of the things we think you should definitely do is read as many reviews for each of these software so you have an idea of what current users think of the software as this is a good way of knowing whether a software is worth it. 

We also encourage you to ask for a demo of the software. So for example asking for a Counsol EMR demo will help you know whether the software would be suitable for your needs as you can see it in action rather than just reading about its features. 

Hopefully you will be able to find the software which proves to be the right fit for you and your needs.


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