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Things to Do in Dubai This Summer

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Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is renowned for holding a number of activities for tourists and locals alike. Apart from these activities and events, the emirate is also well known for having several great malls and other recreational places for their people so that they can spend quality time there.

How Can You Spend Your Summer in Dubai?

If a person lives in Dubai, they must be familiar with the places, events, and activities held yearly in summer to freshen up the people. However, tourists usually don’t have an idea about these activities and events. Also, the fact that summer tends to be hot in Dubai. Not many know what to do for refreshment or recreation in Dubai.

If you are also wondering the same, here’s a comprehensive guide for you. In this article, we have discussed top things you can do in Dubai this summer and beat the heat:  

Overnight Desert Safari

Desert safari is an unmissable experience in Dubai. However, the weather during the morning desert safari can be quite warm. It can make it difficult for you to take part in different activities it has for visitors.

This is why it is recommended to get an overnight desert safari package. It’s fun, thrilling, exciting, and is a perfect camping opportunity in Bedouin-style camps laced with every facility.

Activities included in the overnight desert safari includes dune bashing, ATV bike riding, camel riding, sandboarding, etc. Furthermore, there’s a lavish BBQ dinner hosted for guests, which is followed by entertaining performances by professional belly dancers and Tanoura dance shows. Fire shows are also held during the overnight safari.

Different companies offer various overnight desert safari packages. Make sure to choose the right one, taking into account your budget and requirements.

Go Bowling and Play Arcade Games:

There are various centres and clubs that provide bowling opportunities to the citizens. A person can go there along with their family and friends and amuse themselves by throwing balls.

Visiting Malls:

Shopping has always been a great source of pleasure and spending time in a quality way. There are many malls in Dubai that are worth visiting. You can not only shop there but also there is a food court where different types of food can be enjoyed.

Dubai Food Festival:

The authorities of Dubai established a Dubai food festival every year. In this food festival, different people come forward to enjoy different cuisines and fusions of food.

This festival is especially for those who love to eat and are many foodies.

Music Festivals:

Music festivals are also organized for music lovers where different types of music are introduced; different folks are also represented in this festival—a perfect go-to place for music lovers.

Picnic Points and Beaches:

There are some picnic points and beaches where families come together and do various activities to amuse themselves. Such places are perfect for summer. Beaches provide relief to the people in the intense summer heat in Dubai.

If you want yourself to be amused, then it is necessary for you to explore each and every part of Dubai to discover more and more events and recreational activities that are a source of pleasure, joy, and happiness for you. You can also enjoy different events in summer with your family and friends. Also, if you want to explore a different side of Dubai, there can’t be a better choice than taking a Hatta dam trip. A lot of companies in Dubai offer this trip at reasonable rates. 

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